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    More leg room verses less cardiovascular disease
    Posted by Len schaier on February 29, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    Senator Schumer yesterday announced an amendment to The FAA authorization bill to to require airlines to give passengers more legroom.

    While that is a good idea, how about about helping queens residents get more fresh air, reduce cardiovascular disease and get some restful sleep by supporting the suggestions by the House Congressional caucus to lower the noise threshold for action from 65 DNL to 55 DNL. Thats is a factor of 10 reduction in sound level

    The Bill does have requirements for more neighborhood contact and review of old environmental reviews however what the senator’s staff may not appreciate is that all the nice words in the bill related to re-review of previous environmental reviews will mean nothing unless the noise standard threshold for action is reduced. We note that 55 dnl is the level deemed healthy by the Harvard School of Public Health and the rest of the world ..55 dnl.

    The senator often says “well where do you expect the aircraft to land.” Why he thinks it’s an all or nothing proposition is beyond me. All a lowered noise threshold will do is to force the FAA and airlines to pay attention to noise and pollution. They may then look more seriously at mitigation which may take the form of insulation, flight path adjustments etc.

    Nobody is looking to kill the airline industry here in the NY metro area. Just give the people that built this great area a shot at a decent life.

    Lets treat health with the same gusto that is applied to airline efficiency (aka capacity) and safety (for those in the air)

    Len Schaier, President

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