How do malba and whitestone not make the list?

Man those are some nice pieces- the revolvers anyway. A shame if the city destroys them all,

What an interesting turn of events: Can we get some of the bus routes back after the 2010 MTA budget cuts? Time will always tell.

The bike lane on 223 Street is part of what is causing this problem. It takes multiple red lights before you can go the one block from 46th Avenue onto Northern Blvd. during many times of day. Therefore, people are going to rush to make the light more than they used to. There needs to be a right turn lane on 223 Street.

This bike lane is a tremendous hazard, not only at this intersection, but at the Cross Island North entrance ramp a couple hundred feet east. I am an avid biker myself, but I would never in a million years want to cross that intersection alone or with my family on bikes. Even though I travel that route often, I have difficulty figuring out the logic, or rhythm of the light pattern. It's just off. The light is confusing to drivers and bikers alike. I've witnessed many near fender benders, and confused bikers impacted by the strange timing of the light sequence. This intersection is not in any way safer than it was previously to the bike lane being constructed. I fear what will happen to bike riders when they become more active with the warmer weather. People are going to get seriously hurt.

My condolences to her family and her friends.

Hi can I possibly get this article emailed to me? I tried to print it out but it wont print the entire article.

Film in a movie studio, we need parking and access to businesses.

Gee, he was hit by a car driver who was issued a summons for failure to yield, and there was no mention of bicyclists, bikes or the bike lane in the NYPD report. Beginning to suspect the problem is law breaking, careless drivers, not the bike lane !!

Seriously....He told the female officer to leave with him...and the 'police officer' adult police officer went with him. Either this story is not written correctly or the true story would be the bait-n-switch police used a 'real' young person for their sting. Please clarify that. Also, how long did the bait-n-switch folks groom the guy? I have heard 12 months before the person stepped over the line and sometimes the the task force get really aggressive so they don't lose that sting....sound legal to everyone? Women Against Registry ~ Fighting the Destruction of Families

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Let\'s go Mets! [bpfb_images] 35133_0-68906600-1445632545_11796396_928482240527137_2122202853961337902_n.jpg [/bpfb_images]

My husband and I just celebrated (and survived!) our 1st year of marriage. In early November we will celebrate our 1st year of making Bayside our home. There is so much to celebrate this year, like my husband’s recent transfer as an NYPD sergeant — from long nights on patrol in the South Bronx to a wonderful position as a Humanities Instructor at the NYPD Police Academy in College Point; like our darling new baby Willow, our second rescue cat; like our birthdays this past week (we are MUCH older than 21…but not yet 40), spent locally doing the simple things we love; like all of the blessings in our lives… I think we both deserve a nice, relaxing vacation, and neither of us have been to Cancun. It would be perfect! [bpfb_images] 34306_0-45749700-1445095207_rat9216-2.jpg [/bpfb_images]

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