Film in a movie studio, we need parking and access to businesses.

Unfortunately he passed away before he could slay his demons. He was a troubled soul and I wish I could have done more to help put him on the right path all those years ago.

Gee, he was hit by a car driver who was issued a summons for failure to yield, and there was no mention of bicyclists, bikes or the bike lane in the NYPD report. Beginning to suspect the problem is law breaking, careless drivers, not the bike lane !!

Seriously....He told the female officer to leave with him...and the 'police officer' adult police officer went with him. Either this story is not written correctly or the true story would be the bait-n-switch police used a 'real' young person for their sting. Please clarify that. Also, how long did the bait-n-switch folks groom the guy? I have heard 12 months before the person stepped over the line and sometimes the the task force get really aggressive so they don't lose that sting....sound legal to everyone? Women Against Registry ~ Fighting the Destruction of Families

Absent any other parking restrictions, is it really unlawful for a car to be parked in the same spot for over seven days ?

Any description of the perpetrators ? Could be helpful...

Well make funding the MTA a major priority in your respective campaigns.

It's too bad the mass transit crisis is not the major priority for all citywide election races.

I did not live in Soviet Russia 30 years ago, but the DOT comments are deserving of a banner headline in Pravda. Let's face it, this is a political war between de Blasio and his minions like The Douglaston Local Development Corp and the citizens who live here trying only to get to work, to the store, to pick up their kids. We often took the LIRR, but after The Douglaston Local Development Corp "fixed" the train station, it's a barren plaza where the stores have all closed and people can't be dropped off. But it's "so pretty". In this city, the far-left government wants to hurt the middle class. They want to deny accidents, delays, missed appointments, because they have power over all of us. So what if taxpayers can't get to work, bicycles are more important! Your kids are late to school, haha! The bicycle lane is a political statement, a triumph of bureaucracy over the people. Bravo de Blasio, your limo to Park slope will not be delayed one minute.

You can thank the Great Recession when the dysfunctional MTA were losing real estate taxes due to the housing bubble burst for making all of budget cuts possible.

Bicyclists need the concrete barriers for protection. The cars are traveling way too fast.

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My husband and I just celebrated (and survived!) our 1st year of marriage. In early November we will celebrate our 1st year of making Bayside our home. There is so much to celebrate this year, like my husband’s recent transfer as an NYPD sergeant — from long nights on patrol in the South Bronx to a wonderful position as a Humanities Instructor at the NYPD Police Academy in College Point; like our darling new baby Willow, our second rescue cat; like our birthdays this past week (we are MUCH older than 21…but not yet 40), spent locally doing the simple things we love; like all of the blessings in our lives… I think we both deserve a nice, relaxing vacation, and neither of us have been to Cancun. It would be perfect! [bpfb_images] 34306_0-45749700-1445095207_rat9216-2.jpg [/bpfb_images]

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