Absent any other parking restrictions, is it really unlawful for a car to be parked in the same spot for over seven days ?

Any description of the perpetrators ? Could be helpful...

Well make funding the MTA a major priority in your respective campaigns.

It's too bad the mass transit crisis is not the major priority for all citywide election races.

I did not live in Soviet Russia 30 years ago, but the DOT comments are deserving of a banner headline in Pravda. Let's face it, this is a political war between de Blasio and his minions like The Douglaston Local Development Corp and the citizens who live here trying only to get to work, to the store, to pick up their kids. We often took the LIRR, but after The Douglaston Local Development Corp "fixed" the train station, it's a barren plaza where the stores have all closed and people can't be dropped off. But it's "so pretty". In this city, the far-left government wants to hurt the middle class. They want to deny accidents, delays, missed appointments, because they have power over all of us. So what if taxpayers can't get to work, bicycles are more important! Your kids are late to school, haha! The bicycle lane is a political statement, a triumph of bureaucracy over the people. Bravo de Blasio, your limo to Park slope will not be delayed one minute.

You can thank the Great Recession when the dysfunctional MTA were losing real estate taxes due to the housing bubble burst for making all of budget cuts possible.

Bicyclists need the concrete barriers for protection. The cars are traveling way too fast.

I meant more, not mote.

And mote revenue to the MTA's bottom line.

How many lies can you put in one article? The Joe Michaels Mile is one, he was a runner. It's a running path, that's why it is a mile long. Our radically far-left Mayor caters to 'advocates' and donors. His so-called vision of traffic calming is a traffic jam, which he can pass in his motorcade of giant SUV's (if he shows up on time), and his DOT is working to hurt and punish car-owning taxpayers as fast as they can. If they want to help bikers, why is the pavement along the Cross Island Parkway a bombed out garbage and pothole strewn path? Why does most of Douglaston's streets look like Berlin in 1946? Yet this bike lane is 'urgent'. Well, northeast Queens voters, your government hates you. There's an election coming, you have a say in the process. Send these bureaucrats and activists a message!

What a horrible story, "activists" using the death of an elderly man to politicize this quest to choke off the only road between Little Neck, Douglaston and Bayside. Every smart biker discounts at the Cross Island Parkway. There's not even a pedestrian crosswalk, right turns on red are permitted by signs, it's just not a place for a recreational biker to challenge cars. The location is also 40 feet of the proposed 2 mile bike lane. This is a political overkill directed at a community of taxpayers poorly served by public transport. While we wait for the proper community backed lane, put in a crosswalk, a pushbutton to turn the light red, and 'dismount bikes here's signs. Send the DOT to finish Shore Road, we've been waiting 11 years!

Killing pedestrians in crosswalks where they belong is one thing. Killing pedestrians on a highway where they don't belong is an entirely different matter. The driver should not be charged!

Good! Now get the drivers and pedestrians to obey traffic and parking rules. Stop for the school bus. Don't double park. Cross with the light. Left turn only from left turn bay. Etcetera.

Can't wait for the traffic circus on the 1st day of school.

#6 The Original Pizza Sam's When I used to live in Jackson Heights I would order from them all the time. It's nice to see that some things never change.

Meanwhile, why not NYC and NYS pour billions of dollars in fixing our own subway system? I guess I will be possibly not voting for Mayor de Crony this year and Governor Crony next year.

I hope the plan includes reopening of the Woodhaven Junction Station on the LIRR Atlantic Branch.

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