College Point

Thank you to the Police for keeping these creeps from Brooklyn and the Bronx out of out decent neighborhood!

What a ridiculous story. How much harm could this sewage leak bring to the "oysters" when there has been an outfall there for 70 years that dumps raw sewage into the area every time the sewers overflow? Where did Cervino get his degree from, Costco?

Mr Vallone verbalized to his Constituents that the music blasting from the World’s Fair Marina would be addressed. However the music has not subsided, As of 6/24/17.

ADA compliance doesnt necessary mean we have to build ramps , or elevator in every buildings to satisfy the law that human creates even though no one will use it or some day it will be used. The disabled person should request to have accessible ramp or elevator installed based on his or her need. It is useless to build it where there is no need and it is waste of money.

The recent construction behind SkyView Parc that is almost complete has also caused an increase to the rats running around flushing. The rats have also infested the nearby park on Prince Street. The rat population will continue to increase if something isn't done soon and it affects more than the Bland residents; There are restaurants on Roosevelt Ave across from the Bland and a walking path through the Bland that non-residents take to go from College Point Blvd to Prince Street. You can already see them running around during the day. Its that bad! Developers in Flushing need to take the rat problem into consideration in the future...There is nearby water source on beneath the Roosevelt Ave. Bridge and there is a train station beneath Flushing. Its obvious that any construction near these sits would lead to rats moving into unwanted areas.

He looks familiar

Oh great. More spraying. I'm sure it's been proven safe and effective, just like Roundup. I always find it amazing that people think this stuff is safe. If the environment wasn't so screwed up to begin with, we wouldn't be overrun with mosquitoes.

I hope they shut it down because most of the spa allow sex and disturbing behaviors to happen.

Mr. Brian, only those involved in Queens Quiet Skies can care about airplane noise? I dedicate my time to many things, you clearly focus on spreading LIBEL and defamation of character.

Dear Brian Will, You must have mistaken me for somebody else. I feel sorry for the Kevin whom you believe me to be. What I said was not an attack, but an observation. You sir, are self promoting.

Yeah, you guys are little bit "off" in your assessments, but that's what I've come to expect from internet warriors who are in no way involved in this important advocacy issue. Kevin, what have you done advance noise pollution causes in your recent history? Posting on behalf of Susan isn't really advocacy. But if you want to think that friendship with her is the key to noise pollution victory, post away. No one is listening. And Len, I can't really fault you since all you did was pray. Praying works, and god is real. I'll remind you the next time your slamming your fist on the table at the Port Authority meetings. Amen. Lee, who asked you to join QQS and who is disparaging a fellow "activist". I disparaged a political operative who turned our community driven roundtable into a toothless advisory board. The CB7 roundtable is the aviation noise equivalent of the Hollywood Squares. And to clarify: The FBI is interested in CB7 because of the Willets Point fiasco. I was front and center at the rally in Flushing Meadows. Just like you guys, right? Or do you just dedicate your time to snark on the internet? Lastly, I'm not the spokesman for QQS. I just happen to have tremendous respect for it. They got us to this point. Now it belongs to the machine. Post away, geniuses...

Is this a joke? So much hypocrisy Brian. My thoughts exactly Lee. QQS by the hundreds? The website asks for donations, does that goto your personal coffers? You certainly can't be a proper spokesperson for a 'grassroots' organization. You must be a fake who is trying to defame and enflame. Or worse, you are actually a hateful person representing QQS which should have the opposite effect and a terrible argument against joining your 'group'.

Me. Brian, I don't think you need to be concerned about the Feds, you are not that important to them in sure. However, you should be on the lookout for the men in the white coats, as your rant shows a serious mental decline. QQS should seriously reconsider having you as their spokesman.

Lee, Amen Len Schaier

exclusive-feds-subpoena-cb-7-for-land-use-decisions SHHHHHHH! The FBI is listening. Wanna know why folks join our group by the hundreds? Let's talk about it on the QQS facebook page, shall we? I don't want the federal agents to find out that I'm bitter and hateful. I have a lot of friends at CB7. See ya soon, big guy...

To the above gentleman: why would anyone want to join Queens Quiet Skies when you represent them full of bitterness and hate towards one man? Isn't everyone supposed to work towards a common goal, and not disparage a fellow activist, in an effort to make yourself look better?

The entire issue, boiled down to a singular component, is a man named Warren Schreiber who has been waiting decades for a politically relevant title. Now he sees his chance, and he will use CB7 as a defacto replacement of Queens Quiet Skies as the driving force for aviation noise pollution advocacy in Queens. Good Luck, Warren. You will surely need it,Queens Quiet Skies began this fight, brought NYC out of the noise pollution dark ages, and most importantly, led the lobbying effort for both the roundtable and the Part 150. Warren Schrieber lacks the wit, adequate technical advisory staff and political support to lead Queens out of NextGen hell. That task will be taken up, as always, by Queens Quiet Skies. A core group of attorneys, judges, biologists, engineers and other professionals make up the governing membership of Queens Quiet Skies. The group also has initiated independent chapters in Jackson Heights, Maspeth, Flushing and Rosedale. Most importantly, the group is a family, uninterested in prestige, power, photo shoots and pointless positions. We enjoy broad political and community support, and will continue to do so. Please consider contacting Queens Quiet Skies today. We do not back down from fights, whether it be the FAA or the airlines. We will never stop. We are the TRUE, original, grass roots noise advocates in Queens and always will be.

I live on a dead-end block in Whitestone. With the possibility of no snow plow on my block. we all joined together on the block and actually shoved the block. Lo and behold, in the wee hours of the morning, a plow went through the block. It was actually worse. I ended up with a pile of snow in front of my driveway. The plows they use are very old fashioned. All they do is push the snow around, and you end up with huge mountains that never melt. They should use the type of plows they got in Russia. After it plows, the snow is sucked up. There's plenty of water around to dump the snow.

December 02, 2015 / 3:45 AM
I've printed out the faces of these characters and will be posting in my community, local stores, banks, grocery shops, as well on social media. Looks like the slobs forgot that every corner and peephole in NYC is filmed. They won't get away for long.

In REAL news....QNS hasn't mentioned one word of the NYPD's Family Day event that was held on Nov.21, 2015 at College Point. The event was held for NYPD family members and the community for free. Kids were able to sit in police vehicles and test the sirens....mounted police with their food....bake sales...memorabilia for sale....t-shirts honoring Det. Holder....and much more. Not one word mentioned here. I'll go visit a more community-minded 'news' outlet instead.

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