College Point

Thank you to the Police for keeping these creeps from Brooklyn and the Bronx out of out decent neighborhood!

What a ridiculous story. How much harm could this sewage leak bring to the "oysters" when there has been an outfall there for 70 years that dumps raw sewage into the area every time the sewers overflow? Where did Cervino get his degree from, Costco?

Mr Vallone verbalized to his Constituents that the music blasting from the World’s Fair Marina would be addressed. However the music has not subsided, As of 6/24/17.

ADA compliance doesnt necessary mean we have to build ramps , or elevator in every buildings to satisfy the law that human creates even though no one will use it or some day it will be used. The disabled person should request to have accessible ramp or elevator installed based on his or her need. It is useless to build it where there is no need and it is waste of money.

He looks familiar

Oh great. More spraying. I'm sure it's been proven safe and effective, just like Roundup. I always find it amazing that people think this stuff is safe. If the environment wasn't so screwed up to begin with, we wouldn't be overrun with mosquitoes.

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