What a horrible story, "activists" using the death of an elderly man to politicize this quest to choke off the only road between Little Neck, Douglaston and Bayside. Every smart biker discounts at the Cross Island Parkway. There's not even a pedestrian crosswalk, right turns on red are permitted by signs, it's just not a place for a recreational biker to challenge cars. The location is also 40 feet of the proposed 2 mile bike lane. This is a political overkill directed at a community of taxpayers poorly served by public transport. While we wait for the proper community backed lane, put in a crosswalk, a pushbutton to turn the light red, and 'dismount bikes here's signs. Send the DOT to finish Shore Road, we've been waiting 11 years!

I think it's time for the city (and other levels of government) to stop trying to find new things to tax and to find ways to cut the cost of providing essential services. Stop being involved in things that are not part of being a government, such as entertainment venues.

hope they keep the movie theatre tere

The entire express system in the outer boroughs needs to be overhauled for affordability, convenience, efficiency, reliability, sustainability and transparency. Keep in mind that in those "transit deerts" in the outer boroughs, the MTA needs to control the overall operating costs per passenger and make it frequent during rush hours, in order to meet the increasing demand of the influx of new riders that are calling the outer boroughs home.

I live on a dead-end block in Whitestone. With the possibility of no snow plow on my block. we all joined together on the block and actually shoved the block. Lo and behold, in the wee hours of the morning, a plow went through the block. It was actually worse. I ended up with a pile of snow in front of my driveway. The plows they use are very old fashioned. All they do is push the snow around, and you end up with huge mountains that never melt. They should use the type of plows they got in Russia. After it plows, the snow is sucked up. There's plenty of water around to dump the snow.

December 02, 2015 / 3:45 AM
I've printed out the faces of these characters and will be posting in my community, local stores, banks, grocery shops, as well on social media. Looks like the slobs forgot that every corner and peephole in NYC is filmed. They won't get away for long.

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