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Short-term disruption; Long-term improvements.

Seriously....He told the female officer to leave with him...and the 'police officer' adult police officer went with him. Either this story is not written correctly or the true story would be the bait-n-switch police used a 'real' young person for their sting. Please clarify that. Also, how long did the bait-n-switch folks groom the guy? I have heard 12 months before the person stepped over the line and sometimes the the task force get really aggressive so they don't lose that sting....sound legal to everyone? Women Against Registry ~ Fighting the Destruction of Families

Select Bus Service = Select BS

#6 The Original Pizza Sam's When I used to live in Jackson Heights I would order from them all the time. It's nice to see that some things never change.

If only there will be weekly FASTRACK by the MTA one line at a time, then the entire subway system will be good as new within a few decades or so.

Mrs. Browning deserves the recognition and more. She brings so much to the table as far as professionalism, care and respect. The changes she has and continues to implement are a blessing to the Community she serves. I have no doubt she will accomplish even more during her tenure.

A borough wide civil war for the city owned Rockaway Beach Branch: There will be winners ad losers on this war altogether.

A reactivated Rockaway Beach line would be expected to enable 500,000 new weekday daily rides for Woodhaven, Rego Park, Richmond hill and Howard Beach along a corridor woefully underserved by public transportation, and (to address 'high line' fantasies) over provisioned by existing parks. Though it's ridiculous to have to spell this out for those framing 'Queensway' as a means of improving park access, Forest Park access would be dramatically improve were there, you know, train stations on either side of it. This opens up more of queens - even Rockaway - to participating in the 30- and 60-minute midtown commute bubble. Tell your friends - quicker commute means better housing and living conditions for everyone. Queens is crying out for more transit, and this puts a new transit corridor exactly where it needs to be at a fraction of the price because the ROW is completely intact (minus a few bits leased out or unlawfully encroached upon) and it only involves minimal tunneling. If people want to support parks in Queens, they should look no further than the unpolished jewel of the city parks system that is Forest Park. Talk about massive, under-maintained and brimming with potential for attracting visitors. And it wouldn't hurt to have a subway stop in the middle of it to make that happen.

What an abject was by the Y of an opportunity to teach Jews about Judaism. A seder is an observance of the release of Jews from bondage and slavery in Egypt. How sad that the Y and this rabbi will, once again, violate Jewish laws in their efforts to foster their own secular proclivities. Any Jews thinking of attending should find an Orthodox Jewish synagogue and arrange to attend a proper Jewish seder. You'll be surprised at what you will learn.

Karen Koslowitz, publicly declaring that Donald Trump is not her President shows clearly that this rally for solidarity was nothing but a sham. The country is already sufficiently divided, on the verge of a civil war and THIS is what Karen Koslowitz thinks is appropriate. She, like Congresswoman Meng will not get another vote from me.

I think it's time for the city (and other levels of government) to stop trying to find new things to tax and to find ways to cut the cost of providing essential services. Stop being involved in things that are not part of being a government, such as entertainment venues.

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Join us at 8pm this Saturday Night, April 23rd at Bridies Bar & Grill for an evening of spreading awareness and laughs. Cost is free but a donation of $10 would be appreciated. For more info please call 718-440-9863

Join Play4Autism and the staff at Shake Shack for a fun-filled hour of Arts & Crafts with a side of breakfast this Sunday, March 13th from 9 to 10am at the Queens Center Mall. This is a free event for all Kidz into Action members. Call 718-440-9863 to reserve your spot(s) today! [bpfb_images] 54805_0-76456900-1457712045_arts-_-crafts-flyer-2.jpg [/bpfb_images]

Why I Deserve a Trip to Cancun: I deserve to be the QNS Cancun Vacation winner to help me find time to relax more outside of work. My goal is to improve a better work life balance and enjoy life by traveling more since it inspires me to explore and travel the world.

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