Rego Park

Short-term disruption; Long-term improvements.

Another major arterial street bites the dust to the claws of Select BS.

Loss of parking spaces, loss of revenue for small businesses, increased gridlock, more double parking, more safety problems: It's inevitable.

Pic and vid uploaded on twitter from Booth Street incident

Thank god for mobile technology, if they are be careful taking care of these devices.

In the 21st century where technology dominates our own lives, this is a classic example of Social Darwinism at its deadiest.

This is so sad, how awful. I saw a young girl trying to get on the tracks at Jackson Heights a couple of weeks ago, I went over to her and she told me she was trying to get her phone. I told her should can't go on the tracks and she should go to a station worker. She got up and walked away. The train station was packed! It was 8:20am mid week - one other girl was just standing beside her watching her - no one else seemed to even see her! People - say something, these kids panic when they lose their phones - they need someone with a clear head to stop them.

The QueensWay is actually a QueensWall Barrier. Queens has hundreds of acres of parks. We have bike lanes and bike trails and streets that people can ride bikes on. This is QueensWall BS. The number one reason they want this park is to stop the train from uniting Queens. They don't want the train so they made up this ploy to stop it. Do we need more parks that will divide our people with longer commutes? Commuters need to get to work, home, school and to parks with faster and safer transit options. The QueensRail would help us more that a park barrier that keeps people isolated and poor. Expand our subways including the QueensRail.

Yeah, think about the cars! #carlivesmatter!

Just want to add, this plan does not subject homeowners to encroachment of their privacy and safety.

That looks just about perfect. No need to go any further!

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There will be plenty of winners and plenty of losers when after this year's mayoral election.

On loss of parking at the Crescent Apts, The Friends of QueensWay has gone on record to say the following: Responding to shareholder concerns, the QueensWay consultants did a careful assessment and concluded that a relatively narrow corridor for bikes and pedestrians could be developed without a loss of parking. The QueensWay Plan website states: “Currently, the Forest View Crescent apartments parking lot that is leased from the City runs across the future QueensWay area. The trail would run through a portion of this site with a reconfiguration of the parking lot area with a goal of no loss of parking spaces.” (this text can be located by going to and clicking on the blue dot adjacent to the building.)

I think this is a tremendous idea and I hope our local political leaders will have the will and foresight to do something innovative in this community. Forest Park is not in a state of good repair and underutilized. Why should Brooklyn, Manhattan and LIC have the beautiful new parks with amazing amenities? Central Queens has loads of families who would benefit from this, as well as seniors who would have a peaceful, car-free, and safe walkway. And our mom and pop shops around Metropolitan might actually get some foot traffic for a change. The need for transportation is an important one but not sure the multi-billion dollar cost of reactivating this rail line, along with the eminent domain and construction issues that will arise, make this a feasible option.

Why doesn't anyone report on the fact that the stretch of land after Union Tpke leading to forest park is actually in fact NOT abandoned and a parking lot for 80+cars that are now going to have to PARK ON THE ALREADY CROWDED STREETS

It's a beautiful set of tracks and will make an amazing park. I recently completed a project to capture the abandoned tracks. Check it out here

Listen to the Queens Public Transit Committee their correct. The reactivation of this Rail Line is MUST! Please we have enough Parks!

I'm sick of these places. Most of these locations are covers for prostitution brought in from china, Korea, Cambodia, Etc. When are they going to shut down the ones in the Queens Village area? Hillside Ave, Jamaica Ave., Hempstead Ave. these are nothing but brothels. Please shut them down! We are a community of hard working people and we can do without

Select BS is going to create more gridlock for everyone including bus riders. Stealing traffic lanes, left turns, bus stops, speed limits, parking and putting bus riders on snowy medians is a recipe for disaster. It's time to get rid of Mayor Zero Vision and Select BS. Who ever our new Mayor is better reopen our roadways, railways, waterways and bring back our bus stops and speed limits. Queens needs faster and safer transportation not lies, gridlock and tickets. Say goodbye Mayor Chaos. Support the Queens Public Transit Committee at 718-679-5309 or or

2017: The year that will be determine which project(s) will be the winner(s) and which one(s) will be the loser(s): Either the Queensrail, the Queensway, the SBS, or the NIMBYs?

How do you decide who the 10 bars are to watch?

What exactly did they crack down on? One happy ending and three women giving massages with no license. Anyone have any idea what it takes to get a massage license? It puts the cost massages out of reach for 99% of the people. This is a crime similar to jay walking. And yet we get this sensational headline. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. A more useful allocation of resources would be to stop all that speeding down private streets where our kids walk home from school.

When Are They going to Crack Down on Roosevelt Ave in JACKSON HTS??? Been Going on For YEARS!!

Maintaining the state of good repair for the entire Rockaway Branch Line is always the first crucial step in the right direction while the MTA is studying the RBL as we speak.

Step 1 - repair the stanchions. Step 2 - reactivate the line.

Not a good use of police resources when muggings like this continue. Police released on Sunday night images and a video of four individuals who allegedly beat down and robbed a 52-year-old man at a Ridgewood intersection last week.

Not a good use of police resources when mugging a like this continue. Police released on Sunday night images and a video of four individuals who allegedly beat down and robbed a 52-year-old man at a Ridgewood intersection last week.

AND Queens residents request full review of ‘infrequent and unreliable’ Queens pols.

I am glad I generally take the R from Queens to Lexington Avenue. At least it usually runs on time from Forest Hills.

With the exception of a few, Queens pols should be reviewed and investigated themselves and never mind this train bs.

December 23, 2015 / 1:34 AM
Careful now....those who issued violations against the club might be accused of racism.

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Celebrate Global Learning Day!

THE COURIER/Photo by Angela Matua
Rego Park to welcome two Starbucks

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