I guess that the MTA played a critical role in rising rent prices after all, such as Chicago.

They need to recover all the stuffs that he has stolen. Where is his picture?

A catch-22: Since more and more people are living in NYC, especially in newer residential buildings, in this case, assuming that it is finished, it will put a major burden on the overcrowding situation on the 7 train service, even when CBTC (or communication-based train control) will be implemented this September. Don't forget the local buses that served the neighborhood as well.

The quote about the SCA is unbelievable. What message does the SCA send to kids and families with this? That they are doing their job and trying to find space in a crowded city for children to learn. What message do the naysayers send to their neighbors who are parents and children? A big FU we care more about an abandoned rotting parking garage than your child's education.

If it's your first time using UberEATS make sure to grab one of their new signup promo codes. Take a look at and you can often get a full dinner for free. I don't think there's any coupons after your first meal though.

In the age of technology, it is essential to do this, in order for the 7 train straphangers to get this during rush hours.

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Profile photo of Boulevard Film Festival

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January 06, 2016 / 1:34 PM
he was discharged from the program on Dec. 29, 2015, for not complying with residency requirements and they didn't send him back to jail. Is this a loophole so criminal can avoid jail time?

This is why I have to take the 6:20 a.m. out of Main Street to avoid such problems. Too many issues!

Hi All, Sunnyside Community Services runs a Pet Pal volunteer program homebound seniors and their caregivers. Volunteers walk dogs, shop for pet supplies, take pets to the vet, and more. If you're interested check out their website at

Since 2011??? Why then 4 years later is this guy and the agency he works still in business?? It's way too bad that the City Council doesn't take these despicable matters into consideration when they agree to allow landlords to raise rents. This situation involving Harry Silverstein & Woodside Associates should be posted on every social media that can be found including YELP. The list of the city's worst landlords should also be posted as well on community bulletin boards. I know I'll be posting it.

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