David vs. Goliath, SBS style, for several years to come.

Implementation: Going to happen anyway; Major construction: Uncertain because of the Trump Administration.

So they decide to kick out Bob Turner, the only 'name' entity in this pathetic organization. I guess it's more important to fight each other to control a virtually powerless organization than to continue with an actual leader. Dumb move.

We will still vote for you Mr Holden. You are clearly the better candidate. You are not be-"holden" to the big Democratic machine. You fought for the little guy, all your life. Your community looks up to you, and respect your long resume of selfless good work. Hopefully you are able to get your message across to all the voters in district 30. Once they know, they it's a no-brainer.

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The QueensWay is actually a QueensWall Barrier. Queens has hundreds of acres of parks. We have bike lanes and bike trails and streets that people can ride bikes on. This is QueensWall BS. The number one reason they want this park is to stop the train from uniting Queens. They don't want the train so they made up this ploy to stop it. Do we need more parks that will divide our people with longer commutes? Commuters need to get to work, home, school and to parks with faster and safer transit options. The QueensRail would help us more that a park barrier that keeps people isolated and poor. Expand our subways including the QueensRail.

To play devil's advocate: The Trump administration will take away Federal New Starts funding, in which the Woodhaven Boulevard SBS route will be depending on. Without it, then this main project, which focused on redesigning the entire boulevard, will be scrapped and it will be nothing but the overall implementation and operation of these routes, just like the cost-effective SBS routes all across NYC.

Mayor DeBlasio is a liar and a dictator. He is lying to the People about Vision Zero SBS and is forcing his extremist leftist views against the will of the people. One Term Bill must go. Vision Zero is choking our city in gridlock, pollution and unfair tickets and he is dividing the people. Our family and friends who are forced to drive are being demonized. Zero Vision will fail just like our Demmie, Commie Mayor! Join the Queens Public Transit Committee and stop Mayor Chaos at 718-679-5309 or www.qptc.org. Zero Vision overconfidence is killing our family and friends who travel across our streets. Stop the madness. Stop Mayor Disaster.

No matter the consistent opposition and revolt, based on the yearly trends of the MTA and the DOT, I will be not surprised that there will be Q52 & Q53 SBS for this Fall.

Yeah, think about the cars! #carlivesmatter!

Just want to add, this plan does not subject homeowners to encroachment of their privacy and safety.

That looks just about perfect. No need to go any further!

Drugs dealing has to do with it

There will be plenty of winners and plenty of losers when after this year's mayoral election.

On loss of parking at the Crescent Apts, The Friends of QueensWay has gone on record to say the following: Responding to shareholder concerns, the QueensWay consultants did a careful assessment and concluded that a relatively narrow corridor for bikes and pedestrians could be developed without a loss of parking. The QueensWay Plan website states: “Currently, the Forest View Crescent apartments parking lot that is leased from the City runs across the future QueensWay area. The trail would run through a portion of this site with a reconfiguration of the parking lot area with a goal of no loss of parking spaces.” (this text can be located by going to http://thequeensway.org/map/ and clicking on the blue dot adjacent to the building.)

I think this is a tremendous idea and I hope our local political leaders will have the will and foresight to do something innovative in this community. Forest Park is not in a state of good repair and underutilized. Why should Brooklyn, Manhattan and LIC have the beautiful new parks with amazing amenities? Central Queens has loads of families who would benefit from this, as well as seniors who would have a peaceful, car-free, and safe walkway. And our mom and pop shops around Metropolitan might actually get some foot traffic for a change. The need for transportation is an important one but not sure the multi-billion dollar cost of reactivating this rail line, along with the eminent domain and construction issues that will arise, make this a feasible option.

Why doesn't anyone report on the fact that the stretch of land after Union Tpke leading to forest park is actually in fact NOT abandoned and a parking lot for 80+cars that are now going to have to PARK ON THE ALREADY CROWDED STREETS

It's a beautiful set of tracks and will make an amazing park. I recently completed a project to capture the abandoned tracks. Check it out here http://pictures.danishmujeeb.com/exploring-the-abandoned-lirr-train-tracks

Listen to the Queens Public Transit Committee their correct. The reactivation of this Rail Line is MUST! Please we have enough Parks!

Select BS is going to create more gridlock for everyone including bus riders. Stealing traffic lanes, left turns, bus stops, speed limits, parking and putting bus riders on snowy medians is a recipe for disaster. It's time to get rid of Mayor Zero Vision and Select BS. Who ever our new Mayor is better reopen our roadways, railways, waterways and bring back our bus stops and speed limits. Queens needs faster and safer transportation not lies, gridlock and tickets. Say goodbye Mayor Chaos. Support the Queens Public Transit Committee at 718-679-5309 or www.qptc.org or PhilAMcManus@gmail.com

By right the community should be upset, but we should do our part to have supportive services for those in need in the neighborhood. NYC is slow to adopt supportive housing models, even CB9 isn't too much in favor of them. I've seen homeless individuals along Jamaica Ave near Lefferts and on Hillside Ave. The only place they can go to in our community is the public library which I know the staff and managers have a hard time dealing with on a daily basis. So please let's keep an open mind and help these individuals in the community.

2017: The year that will be determine which project(s) will be the winner(s) and which one(s) will be the loser(s): Either the Queensrail, the Queensway, the SBS, or the NIMBYs?

... on the service road as well as maintaining traffic on the main road.

I agree Danny. And besides, there will be a further, major compromise and less conflict if the bus lanes will be on the service roads, where parking will be maintained.

Assemblyman Mike Miller & WRBA know what their talking about when it comes to the issues of SBS that's for sure. City Hall does not care!

Great work Mike it took me the same amount of time even with all the help of our local representatives and Community members here in the Confines of the 100th Precinct Rockaway Peninsula. We all fought hard to get them and it pays off. Danny Ruscillo former President of the 100th Precinct Community Council.

There's an interesting follow on to the subject of predictive policing and crime analytics at https://fightfinancialcrimes.com/2016/07/13/police-data-beyond-black-and-white/

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Chris added an Event
You don't have to go to Manhattan to see a great comedy show, because we're bringing some of New York's funniest comedians out to Woodhaven for a FREE show at Neir's Tavern! Food and drink specials [Read More]

This was my home for 27 years of my life. The people I grew up with during the 60s, 70s, 80sand 90s are STILL MY BEST FRIENDS. we were a very tight community. No neighborhood is perfect but if you want to get away with stealing people's hard earned money on bars that no longer exist, a building where a poor girl was murdered and watering holes that are MOB related why don't you attempt this ridiculousness in Howard Beach? Huh? Much more to see there if you really know your facts. Why? Because you know you'd be laughed at and it would never be allowed. Leave us alone. Keep it moving people nothing to see in Woodhaven.

Wasn't Pepsi-Cola sign built in the 40s?

With all due respect to your misunderstanding of the context of this tour we do not stand in front of the house where this crime was committed. We represent Miss Antanakos with respect and and honor. People need to be aware of such horrible crimes and the criminal minds that commit them. I also must remind you that a book by Kieran Crowley called Burned Alive was on the NY Times best seller list and is available for purchase with photos. Alot of places on city tours all over New York are non existent anymore as the Shamrock. But we must not forget what happened in these establishments and keep the memory of the victims alive.

This is not a ridiculous tour and I would recommend you join it before you make negative remarks. So far everyone who has participated in this tour loved it and discovered new things about Woodhaven. The fee of $45.00 for a tour led by a professional NYC Licensed tour guide is a very reasonable price. This tour was constructed together with Neirs Tavern and the Woodhaven Historical Society.

Lets hope the people who spent $45 on this ridiculous tour realize that they are "going" bars that aren't even there anymore AND haven't for years! The ONLY thing on the tour that makes sense is going to Neir’s Tavern. For that you can have a few drinks and a meal for less than $45 a person.

I think it is absolutely horrible to show where that poor girl was murdered/burned to death. If I was the home owner I would not be happy to see a group of people outside my house discussing one of the terrible things that happened in our community. As for the Shamrock Bar, you'll be looking at a closed up convenience store.

Hi Susan - I contacted QNS.com this morning and notified them of their mistake and they will correct. Ed Wendell President Woodhaven Cultural & Historical Society projectwoodhaven@gmail.com

John D’Angese and Richard Godkin were not wannabe Gangsters they were Businessmen and active Members of the Community, It is too bad scum had to frequent their establishment and kill them, depriving their Families of them.

I think he's saying the news outlets don't report on this stuff, they rather bash the cops vs. exposing lowlives committing real crimes like this!

I really cannot believe I'm hearing this. Listen enough with bashing the cops and what they are doing on their job. Did you just read the report here on line where thousands of New Yorkers can read it. It has also been put on Twitter. What else would you like. A march.. Cops aren't doing their job right? That area has always been a high risk crime area. If you're so concerned about these gangs, start up a neighborhood watch and help out the Police Officers for a change instead of whining who gets on the first page of the news. Get real. You wouldn't even walk over there after dark, who are you kidding?

Notice how the lowly wanna-be media outlets such as ny1, nydaily news, and the nytimes don't report on such vile attacks committed only by the dirtbags within our society but instead will mewl constantly on our noble law enforcement doing their rightful jobs.

Criminal's face copied and posted to social media and surrounding nabes.

Dedicated lanes are part of the DOT's plan. Maybe Alex doesn't use the Q52/53 very often, but they are already, but they are already limited routes. These kind of inaccuracies make me wonder what else is mistaken.

Find the perp. Send him back to Mexico or Central America. If he tries to cross the border again - SHOOT him.

Dedicated bus lanes would be a better option. Better yet how about an elevated (similar to AirTrain) or an underground (similar to Boston's Silver Line) dedicated busway. MUCH CHEAPER and more efficient than either a subway/elevated line or light rail service

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