A turning point to say the least: How hypocritical.

Such everyday bureaucracy by the MTA.

Next thing you know: Mom and Pop stores will be replaced by Big Box retail stores before you known it.

This election year could make or break an incumbent or a candidate, specifically on the issue of mass transit.

Short-term disruption; Long-term improvements.

So they decide to kick out Bob Turner, the only 'name' entity in this pathetic organization. I guess it's more important to fight each other to control a virtually powerless organization than to continue with an actual leader. Dumb move.

We will still vote for you Mr Holden. You are clearly the better candidate. You are not be-"holden" to the big Democratic machine. You fought for the little guy, all your life. Your community looks up to you, and respect your long resume of selfless good work. Hopefully you are able to get your message across to all the voters in district 30. Once they know, they it's a no-brainer.

When are they gonna spray the Ridgewood areas

They should have their drivers download the taxi app E-HAIL ( then they can afford to compete against Uber.

Decades of bureaucratic local, state and federal governments for NY, decades of corruption within the MTA, the DOT, the yellow taxi industry, the green taxi industry and the black taxi industry and the management and decades of deception by the unionized bosses of contractors and subcontractors have made us fare payers, toll payers and taxpayers are suffered for far too long.

I guess that the MTA played a critical role in rising rent prices after all, such as Chicago.

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