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Has the path from the car to the gym made you look like you’re are auditioning for the circus? Are you juggling your water bottle, keys, cell phone, towel, membership card and the like?
Too much for two hands, but not enough for a bulky gym bag. There has to be a better way. The Fitness Caddy® is a slender tote and water bottle holder that has a handy place for everything a fitness buff would need to carry.
Fitness buffs who like to bring more than a bottle of water to the gym now have a tote just the right size to hold all their items by their side during their workout.
This unisex-styled bag is just big enough to hold up to a 1.5 liter bottle of water but also has multiple compartments to hold identification, gym card, keys, cell phone, glasses, protein bar and much more.
The pleated deep front pocket has an additional hideaway interior pocket for money which gives the security of leaving a wallet at home.
The 54” easily adjustable strap allows it to be slipped over a shoulder for a quick work out or worn sling style for hands-free walking.
The 2 1/4” metal ring design in the strap not only adds to the look of this stylish bag but actually can hold a towel.
BVT designed the Fitness Caddy® in luxurious Microfiber because not only is it lightweight but also very durable.
An included water bottle cooler sleeve keeps those drinks nice and cold.
As one delighted customer remarked, “It beats the towel around the neck, keys in the hand and gym card in the mouth.”
Whether it’s heading to the gym, walking, hiking or wherever an active life style takes someone, the Fitness Caddy® is the ideal carry all.
Order today at for $19.99 plus $4.95 shipping and handling or call 727-834-8944.


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