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“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”

– Abraham Lincoln

There’s an old adage that successful managers use that I learned in my prior career as a ranking member of the NYC Police Department that says, “Praise in public, criticize in private.”

While being recognized for doing a job here at North Shore Towers and Country Club that I truly love has never been my goal, when someone publicly acknowledges your efforts it can be a memorable event. Such was my surprising experience at the Annual Shareholders Meeting on June 17, 2009 when Board Member and House and Grounds Committee Chairperson Claire Levitan presented me with a beautiful plaque on behalf of her committee. It says, in part, “For outstanding dedication, tireless efforts and professionalism while working with the House and Grounds Committee.”

I can certainly say the same for Claire and the members of her committee who enthusiastically volunteer their time and expertise towards the betterment of our community. We share that common goal and it has been my pleasure and privilege to be a part of the many successful accomplishments of the House and Grounds Committee.

Being publicly recognized in such a sincere and heartfelt manner as was bestowed upon me was an honor. At this time I would like to take advantage of this periodical forum afforded to me each month to return the favor and, in my own way, acknowledge those members of the House and Grounds Committee who personally funded the purchase of the plaque presented to me. They are:

Arline Cammeyer

Felice Hannah

Eva Kessner

Florence Klein

Harriet Lane

Claire Levitan

Iris Lewinter

Maria Miller

Linda Rappaport

Doris Rosenberg

Blossom Stone

It is my hope that they accept my appreciation with the same sense of sincerity I felt and enjoyed when they honored me. I publicly thank them one and all.

I wish everyone a safe Fourth of July holiday, good health, happiness, and more sunshine and less rainfall throughout the entire summer.



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