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In the early hours on Tuesday morning, November 15, Mayor Michael Bloomberg finally directed the NYPD to clear out the squatters in Zuccotti Park, who have been holding not only the park but the entire neighborhood hostage for the last two months. And it’s about time.

What began as a simple expression of frustration about the worsening economic climate and the increasingly oppressive taxation of the middle class has degenerated into a frenzy focused on sex and drugs and masked with every fringe agenda under the sun in an attempt to maintain some sense of credibility for this “movement.”

While many left-wing power brokers, including Big Labor, Acorn and even George Soros, have tried to bolster and co-opt the Occupy Wall Street agenda, they have been unable to focus or control the out-of-control atmosphere being incited by OWS organizers. The problem appears to be that most of the protestors are more interested in the event itself than promoting a serious agenda. And they appear to be developing an overblown sense of power from all the attention being showered on them, and the havoc they can wreak with impunity.

The old adage holds that power corrupts, and the OWS movement is a perfect example. The reports have been well publicized of how they have terrorized local residents and struggling small business owners. Almost all of whom would be considered to be in their 99 percent.

OWS has broken promises not to engage in drumming for more than two hours a day, or into the late evening, to keep the park clean and free from bodily waste, and they terrorize local business owners who don’t allow protestors to use their restrooms. Additionally, crime has become rampant in the park, including sexual attacks, forcing OWS to break another rule by erecting a women’s only tent for protection.

Their shanty town breaks every city code in existence. Violations of codes for fire, zoning, health, construction, etc. have been completely overlooked by city officials, who thrive and derive their power from establishing and enforcing these codes. But for a group they desperately want to sympathize with, who they see as their left wing answer to the Tea Party, suddenly rules don’t apply.

Bloomberg was absolutely correct in finally closing Zuccotti Park and giving it the disinfecting it needed. If the protestors want to return, they should be required to do so according to the rules every other protest follows. They should be required to get proper permits, pay the costs required and vacate the park at the end of the day. If not, they should all be arrested for breaking laws that you and I would be arrested for if we broke tomorrow.


Last week I included Senator Jose Peralta in a list of Queens Democrats under investigation for potential corruption. There has been no official confirmation that an investigation has been launched by any branch of law enforcement.

Robert Hornak is a Queens-based political consultant, blogger, and an active member of the Queens Republican Party. 


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