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It might still be the worst way to start off a New Year.

Officials of the Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center in Far Rockaway — and 15 students in the complex’s Children’s Day Treatment program — are hoping they won’t be left on the street the second the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day.

With time winding down, Peninsula Hospital’s new management, Revival Home Health Care, had said they needed the space back by December 31 in order to expand the hospital’s emergency room, according to hospital officials.

Parents, staff, elected officials – and we at The Queens Courier – were outraged, especially since only three months’ notice was given for the Center to find a new home.

How could Revival seemingly be so heartless?

But, with a mere month to go, Dr. Peter Nelson, CEO of Addabbo Center, said that Todd Miller, CEO of Revival, has agreed to be “reasonable in providing the program enough time to find an appropriate, accessible space.”

Even State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr., for whose father the Center is named, intervened on behalf of the children, meeting with Miller to discuss the status of the center.

We commend Dr. Nelson and Senator Addabbo on their efforts on behalf of the children.

As you know, The Courier has a long and storied history of advocacy, and we feel kudos are in order for these two men.

Now, we can only hope that Miller and Revival will be moved by the spirit of the season.


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