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With all of the problems that teachers in today’s classrooms have to deal with, they certainly do not need to be constantly lambasted by the media.

Most, if not all, teachers are very hardworking, dedicated, and very professional in their everyday dealings with students, parents and administrators. Teachers work very hard to help each and every student realize his full potential, and given that the academic strength of each student is different, that is no easy task.

Overcrowded classrooms, students who are unruly, a lack of necessary teaching materials, and lack of support from administrators, as well as from some parents, make teaching a very stressful and physically taxing profession.

All teachers everywhere in this country need to be treated with the utmost courtesy, respect and professionalism. Teachers are working to help mold their students to be the future of America — treat these hardworking, dedicated professionals with the respect that they deserve, and pay them a fair, livable salary.

 John Amato

Fresh Meadows


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