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Starting a new future means branding a new name for one local leading health care provider.

Beth Abraham Family of Health Services will be renamed to CenterLight Health System, according to officials, in order to offer a broad continuum of services under one single brand. Starting a somewhat new identity, officials said, will make it easier for patients and their families to understand and access programs.

“We want to bring all of our programs and services together under one single unifying name and identity so that we could be recognizable in the market,” said CenterLight spokesperson Christie O’Toole. “We’re a leading long-term care provider in the metro area, but we found a lot of people didn’t know that because we’ve been operating under many logos.”

Now, all facilities within the new CenterLight Health System will be rebranded.

Although each program — like Margaret Tietz in Queens and Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn — will keep their original names, each will add “an affiliate of CenterLight Health System” to the end of them.

However, Comprehensive Care Management (CCM) will change its name completely as well as move to Flushing. The new facility — now called CenterLight Healthcare — will be located at 37th Avenue, officials said. Expected to open in early spring, it will continue to be the system’s managed care organization.

With New York State mandating managed care for all long-term care patients beginning in April, CenterLight Healthcare will offer a number of managed care options for Medicare and Medicaid patients.


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