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As a Kentucky Derby winner was crowned, political candidates, it seems, continued to compete in a much longer race to fill their campaign coffers.

The next funding report date for most candidates is July 15. A lot of money has likely been raised for the major candidates since the last filing (dates based on each race) and some new candidates will file for the first time on July 15.

As of the last filing with the NYS Board of Elections Campaign in January:

NYS Senate:

• District 10: Senator Shirley Huntley- $4,355.63

• District 11: Senator Tony Avella: $42,954.52. After rumors of a possible challenge by Rudy S. Giuliani (Mayor Giuliani’s second cousin), the former announced last week that he would not run. Avella’s campaign manager said that they have roughly $100,000 in the coffers and expect to have roughly $250,000 by the July 15 filing, so a challenger will need to quickly raise funds.

• District 12: Senator Michael Gianaris: $189,422.62

• District 13: Senator Jose Peralta: $58,277.93

• District 14: Senator Malcolm Smith: $169,565.74

• District 15: Senator Joseph Addabbo: $1,685.07. “We certainly have a lot more than that and we have a number of fundraising events coming up, but the people I represent care more about issues and the work I do than how much money we raise,” said Addabbo of the amount. “Even if we are outspent, campaigns are won on the issues and by having a good ground game and personally talking with people.” He also commented on the need for campaign finance reform at the state level, which he believes would allow politicians “to spend less time fundraising and more time discussing issues with voters.”

The Republican challenger is Councilmember Eric Ulrich, who recently entered the race and will file on July 15. Ulrich’s spokesperson commented, “We expect to have our operation up, running, and well-oiled by then. This district is being badly shortchanged and under-represented in Albany and a lot of people already have pledged to support Councilmember Ulrich’s campaign. People see him as a champion for New York’s forgotten middle class and they want him fighting for Queens families in Albany.”

• District 16: Senator Toby Ann Stavisky- $155,859.85
John Messer: $407.27

The most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings for federal candidates’ cash on hand, as of March 31:
U.S. House of Representatives:

• District 5:

Congressmember Gregory Meeks- $67,772
Mike Scala- $1,456

• District 6:
Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley: $96,358.
Assemblymember Rory Lancman: $204,243.
Assemblymember Grace Meng: $357,317. The Meng campaign issued a press release last week, announcing that they had raised over $500,000 over the last six weeks. Republican candidate Councilmember Dan Halloran faces no primary and has not yet had to file. His campaign spokesperson commented, “Dan has been actively raising funds. The number of small donations has been especially gratifying for Dan. Dan might not raise as much as the Democrats, with their special interest and machine-fueled money, but he will have enough money to compete and give the people of Queens a real choice.”

• District 7:

Congressmember Nydia Velasquez: $734,170
Daniel O’Connor: $8,778
Councilmember Erik Martin Dilan: $127,353.

• District 8: Assemblymember Hakeem Jeffries- $398,350. A spokesperson for the Jeffries campaign said that they currently have roughly $550,000.
Councilmember Charles Barron: $52,938

• District 12: Congressmember Carolyn Maloney: $887,388
Republican challenger Chris Wight said he currently has about $20,000.

• District 14: Congressmember Joe Crowley: $1,187,050

U.S. Senate:
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: $9,115,195
Wendy Long: $68,967
Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos: $1,043,669
Congressmember Bob Turner: $99,299

If a candidate who already holds an office is elected to a new one, such as Councilmember Eric Ulrich or Assemblymember Grace Meng, a Special Election for their current seat will be scheduled sometime after January 2013.


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