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New York Hospital Queens (NYHQ) has begun the five-year process that will culminate in the opening of a new cancer center.

The project was put into motion by a gala benefit on May 30 that raised $1 million towards the expansion of the center. The benefit honored Prabha and Kanak Golia who, in conjunction with Dr. George F. Heinrich, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and his wife, Debra, spearheaded the movement.

“We would like a comprehensive center so that patients can have access to one location,” said Stephen S. Mills, president and CEO of the hospital.

The idea is to put the three modalities of cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) under one roof so that patients will receive treatment in a more organized and expedient way.

In addition, the creation of the cancer center will bring new social workers and support structures for patients and their families. It will allow the hospital to generate clinical trials, fellowship programs and a major research program, as well as increase educational screenings for cancer prevention.

“We will have much more access to some of the latest and best drugs with the hospital system backing us,” said Dr. Barry Kaplan, NYHQ’s director of Medical Oncology.

Because of its location in the middle of Flushing, the hospital is faced with a unique variety of cancers needing to be treated. For example, it has created a center that is focused on the treatment of liver cancer, the most prevalent cancer among the Asian population.

“We want to give people the confidence that NYHQ is the place for them to get treatment,” said Golia.



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