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Former Congressmember Anthony Weiner, who once represented a large chunk of Queens at Capitol Hill, said the Supreme Court ruling on the national health care bill was a major victory and was happy it was ruled constitutional.

After a year in private life following his resignation, Weiner made his first public appearance on WNYC this morning to discuss to recent Supreme Court ruling.

“For tax payers and the City of New York it’s going to be a huge windfall because we have so many people who aren’t covered here,” said Weiner, who resigned from Congress last June following a Twitter photo scandal.

“It is true that the overall premise of health care reform is that we all have to be in it for it to work,” he went on to say.

Weiner noted several times during the interview that Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney had a similar health care plan when he was governor of Massachusetts.

When asked by host Bill Lehrner if his appearance – the first since resigning – was “dipping [his] toe” back into the public life, Weiner simply laughed and noted that the radio station had contacted him.

“I’m not putting my toe anywhere,” Weiner said. “I’m just going on my favorite radio show and talking about something I care about dearly.”


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