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2013 FDNY Calendar Coverw
2013 FDNY Calendar Coverw
2013 FDNY Calendar Cover

No woman ever wants to be in a situation where she needs to call the fire department, but few would mind being rescued by FDNY firefighter and Queens native Darius Dorsett.

This August his physical fitness became more than an asset for putting out fires. It became a way to sell the Official FDNY 2013 Calendar of Heroes. The 26-year-old member of Engine 260 in Long Island City was chosen as the calendar’s cover man.

The calendar, which went on sale August 13, is more than just eye candy. Each month also features a fire safety message and the proceeds from its sales go directly to the FDNY Foundation, which raises money for the fire department’s public safety programs and the professional development, training and education of its members.

The calendar is another way Dorsett, who has been working with the FDNY since high school, is helping the department.

Born and raised in Jamaica, Dorsett has resided in the neighborhood his whole life.

“I love Queens. I’m a Queens guy,” he said.

Before landing at his firehouse, located on 37th Avenue, he worked as an EMT for the FDNY.

Even back in high school he knew he wanted a good, stable career where he could help people. Through a vocational program at his school he was able to become a certified EMT.

He spent about four years as an EMT with the FDNY and worked throughout the city. But he was looking for a job promotion within the department, and decided to take the firefighter exam.

The new position also gave him the opportunity to work exclusively in Queens. He was able to request the borough in which he wanted to work and was sent to Long Island City. He’s been there since.

One of his favorite parts of the job is going out and helping people. What’s not part of most firefighters’ jobs is flexing their muscles for the camera.

This year, for the first time, Dorsett, who likes to exercise, decided to try out for the calendar.

At the tryouts were about 100 other men vying for one of the calendar’s 13 spots. Dorsett was surprised when he was chosen for the calendar and was even more astounded when he later found out he was on the cover.

Even after a Times Square signing and several news articles featuring his cover photo, he is humble. The important part for him, he said, is that it’s another way he can support the FDNY.

Dorsett is not the only Queens firefighter in this year’s calendar. Three more — Mr. March, Vinny Ruddy, 35; Mr. June, Jack Medina, 30; and Mr. December, Roger Thompson, 34 — live in the borough.

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