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It might be yellow, but cops won’t let it mellow.

According to police, officers from Jackson Heights’ 115th Precinct issued 2,128 citations for public urination – more than any other precinct in the city.

Throughout 2011, each precinct of the New York City Police Department issued a total of 348,851 “pink slip” violations — non-violent infractions like public urination that include hanging out in a park after hours and emptying liquids. Regardless of their violence-free nature, officers issue thousands of tickets to rule breakers annually, meaning a fine or possible court summons for the perpetrator.

Local resident Elizabeth Estrada said she is really pissed off by the amount of public urination that occurs in the neighborhood.

“It’s completely unacceptable that I can’t walk somewhere after dark without witnessing an intoxicated man with his junk out, urinating onto the streets where I live,” said Estrada. “Have some respect for the community you reside in, because if you don’t, then who will?”

Estrada said the problem is not just rampant in Jackson Heights, but nearby Elmhurst as well.

Seth Taylor of the 82nd Street Partnership said that while he did not consider public urination to be a major problem on his block, he is concerned that it may plague Jackson Heights as a whole.

“Clearly it taints an otherwise beautiful public environment that the neighborhood’s businesses and residents work so hard to keep clean and inviting,” said Taylor. “Let’s hope this quality of life offense trickles away soon.”



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