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A local homeless woman, a dangerous intersection and continued worries about a potential liquor store were the focus of discussions at September’s Lindenwood Alliance meeting.

President Joann Ariola brought up the concern for the homeless woman, called Laura, who had been making Cross Bay Boulevard her home over the past few months. While the woman had been quiet and to herself, she has been disruptive recently, allegedly harassing shoppers on the street. Members were concerned not only about the quality of life in the area, but for the woman’s own well-being.

“For her own safety, she needs to be addressed,” Ariola said. “She could become a casualty of Cross Bay Boulevard, and that’s something we don’t want.”

The intersection at 88th Street and 153rd Avenue was a common concern among residents — where a stop sign had been removed four years ago following an accident — and never replaced.

Because the triangle is close to P.S. 232, residents were worried that something potentially horrible could happen to a child.

“Those kids are going to get killed,” said Ellen Buonpastore. “The old people are going to get hit.”

Assemblymember Philip Goldfeder, who had just a few weeks before reached out to the Department of Transportation (DOT) on the matter, assured residents he and his fellow officials were working on getting something at the dangerous intersection.

“It’s almost like saying ‘we have to wait until someone dies,’ and to me that’s not acceptable,” he said.

Rudy Giuliani, chief of staff for Councilmember Eric Ulrich, said the councilmember’s office was working to get the DOT Queens Borough Commissioner to attend next month’s meeting and hear out the worries of residents.

Lastly, some residents who missed last month’s meeting brought the planned liquor store in the Lindenwood Shopping Center back to the table. The potential store’s owner had a meeting with the State Liquor Authority on August 29, but final approval was put off to examine the site’s proximity to P.S. 232.

“Every co-op has a private park and that’s where the winos are going to be,” said David Postrion, who missed last month’s meeting.

Postrion and others were reassured that the Alliance was doing whatever it could to keep the neighborhood safe. Should the liquor store be approved, members could bring complaints to the Alliance, of which the shopping center’s manager, Joseph Trotta, is a member.

Because of Columbus Day and Simchat Torah, next month’s meeting will be held on Monday, October 15 at the Dorchester, located at 151-25 88th Street.


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