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The attack on the American Embassy in Libya which resulted in the death of our American ambassador and three other Americans can only be described in one word — horrific.

Why did that film producer have to make a film that derided the Muslim faith? With the 11th anniversary of September 11 just past, this was the last thing that should have been done. There already is enough anger directed at the U.S. from the Arab world; this film will only cause that anger and rage to worsen.

President Barack Obama needs to close every American embassy in the Middle East and recall all of our ambassadors and other diplomatic staff immediately. Allof our news media outlets also need to recall all of their reporters. It is no longer safe for our people to be in any of these countries.

Obama also needs to respond swiftly and effectively to this terrible act of murder. While the government of Libya may not have had a role, it needs to be warned that these types of barbaric acts will not be tolerated by our government, and that the Libyan government needs to take more responsibility for protecting Americans living in there.

It is only a matter of time before the entire Middle East erupts into all-out conflict. It is a simmering powder keg ready to blow — and it will.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows



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