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I got a big kick from the views of reader John Amato, who fears our foreign policy will suffer with the election of Mitt Romney.

Apparently Amato has been living in a cave for the last four years. President Barack Obama has stated his desire to see Israel return to pre-1967 borders and has rudely snubbed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the home front, unemployment has remained high. A figure of 8.1 percent is reported, not including all those who have given up looking for work. To rub salt in the wound, amnesty is given to children of illegal aliens, further sending native-born, taxpaying Americans back on the unemployment line. More people than ever are on food stamps or depending upon government for their support.

While the Muslim world is killing ambassadors and American employees, Obama goes on the Letterman show or is playing golf. I don’t recall which one of the 57 states he claims comprise America this was done in, but it sure shows lack of compassion for the murdered ambassador.

I’m a lot more objective in believing neither candidate for president is going to work miracles. However, Obama has had his chance and failed. I’ll vote for Mitt Romney.

Edward Riecks

Howard Beach


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