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The Queens Courier compiled a list of net contributions the following candidates running for Borough President and City Council collected during a six-month period ending on January 11, 2013. Data courtesy of the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

Borough President
Peter Vallone Jr.: $1,050,646
Audrey Pheffer: $347,951
Melinda Katz: $299,496
Jose Peralta: $134,680
Leroy Comrie: $61,151*
Barry Grodenchik: $56,773
Tony Avella: $6,857

City Council
District 19
John Duane: $35,270
Paul Vallone: $34,700
Dan Halloran: $24,035
Matthew Silverstein: $8,654
District 20
Peter Koo: $266,190

District 21
Julissa Ferreras: $48,579

District 22
Costa Constantinides: $85,876
Antonio Meloni: $27,798
Daniel Peterson: $4,995

District 23
Mark Weprin: $137,239

District 24
Rory Lancman: $85,339
Martha Taylor: $55,310
Andrea Veras: $2,940
Isaac Sasson: unavailable

District 25
Daniel Dromm: $76,880

District 26
Jimmy Van Bramer: $111,778

District 27
Sondra Peeden: $1,726
Bryan Block: $100

District 28
Ruben Wills: $11,510
David Kayode: unavailable

District 29
Karen Koslowitz: $57,459

District 30
Elizabeth Crowley: $132,363

District 31 (Special Election)
Donovan Richards: $51,745
Michael Duncan: $40,919
Jacques Leandre: $22,045
Selvena Brooks: $17,171
Earnest Flowers: $7,888
Pesach Osina: $7,779
Allan Jennings: $25
Marie Adam-Ovide: unavailable
Saywala Kesselly: unavailable

District 32
Eric Ulrich: $22,625
* as of July 2012




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