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After the City Council passed a resolution calling for speed cameras, we asked some locals if they supported them.


I think it will be better but it might cause a lot of traffic which we definitely don’t need.
Nicole Reider

I think it will make people drive more carefully but cause more traffic and accidents.
Alexa Tanney

No, I think it’s a silly idea. Over 10 miles per hour they will hit you with a $25 ticket; it’s ridiculous. I don’t think it’s fair.
Joe Ortega

It’s good. It’s safe. [There are] a bunch of people on the road, they will catch people who run red lights, meaning fewer fatalities.
Michael Souza

I think it’s a great idea. It’s very dangerous being a pedestrian…I have to be very careful. It would be a lot safer.
Eleanor Megna

I think that’s kind of unethical. They should catch you in the act if you’re doing something wrong. I don’t drive so it wouldn’t affect me.
Emily Allen

That’s a good thing for security; it’s good for everybody. [It means] feweraccidents I think because everyone is scared of the cameras.
Carlos Sevilla

I think it’s good because people drive too fast. It’s a good thing to have. If it saves lives and makes the city money, why not?
Jimmy Guobis 





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