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I am the blood drive chair for the 19th City Council District, in the district office of Councilmember Dan Halloran. We are hosting a blood drive on Saturday, April 20 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in front of Key Food in the Whitestone Shopping Center, 153-17 Cross Island Parkway.

In the aftermath of news reports about the councilmember, person or persons unknown took it upon themselves to tear down our posters. Such self-righteous vandals are barbaric and disgusting. It isn’t our blood drive – we are merely hosting it.

The New York Blood Center will have a fully-staffed bus of technicians on site. The blood collected can help save the life of a child with Leukemia, or a burn victim, surgical patient, or other innocent person who has suffered a severe accident or illness.

To suppress turnout is an outrageous, cruel and inexcusably stupid thing to do. I call upon those who took our signs down to demonstrate some glint of character by joining the good and decent people who have made appointments to donate. I thank the prospective donors and hope that they will bring friends.

There are time slots available. Call our office at 718-631-6703 or go to the NYBC web page.

I ask anyone with a decent sense of perspective and a little time to spare to come to the Whitestone Shopping Center on Saturday, April 20. Thank you.


Victor G. Mimoni, Deputy Director of Communications,

New York City Council District 19


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