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Photo courtesy of Touro College
Photo courtesy of Touro College
Mohamad Saleh (third from left) took second place at the 21st Annual Statewide CSTEP Conference for his poster presentation in biochemistry.

Mohamad Saleh is one step closer to making his dream of helping his community and changing the world through pharmacology a reality.

Saleh, 25, of East Elmhurst, recently won second place for his poster presentation in biochemistry at the 21st Annual Statewide Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) Conference. The event showcased research contributing to the fight against diabetes. There were 117 posters from 33 colleges and universities at the competition.

“I was very happy and very satisfied,” said Saleh. “Coming in second place is not bad, and I felt like I was beginning to get recognized.”

The second-year pharmacy student at Touro College of Pharmacy started his research as an undergraduate student at York College-CUNY. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, Saleh continued his study through Touro College’s CSTEP program under the guidance of CSTEP program director Deborah Williams and his former York chemistry professor, Adam Profit.

CSTEP allows participants, who all come from New York, to explore career opportunities in licensed professions such as psychology, law, pharmacology and other fields.

Saleh plans to continue his research over the next few years and is hoping to one day contribute to solutions for diabetes.

“I want to provide hospital care, work with patients to better their health and work in the community in a retail pharmacy,” said Saleh. “I really want to become an influential member of my community.”




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