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Photo Courtesy ABC/ Craig Sjodin
Photo Courtesy ABC/ Craig Sjodin
The new drama series “Lucky 7” premiering on Tuesday, September 24 will follow the lives of seven employees at the fictional Gold Star Gas N’ Shop in Astoria who win the lottery and must face the issues that come with such a big jackpot.

A group of Astoria gas station employees will face the ups and downs of winning the lottery this fall on ABC.

Premiering on Tuesday, September 24, ABC’s new drama series “Lucky 7” will follow seven employees at Queens’ fictional Gold Star Gas N’ Shop who for years have contributed to a lottery pool. The group’s wildest dreams come true when they win. Yet, after the celebration wears off they are faced with exploring their true values and overcoming problems that can change their friendships.

The first hour-long episode called “Pilot” starts at 10 p.m. and introduces Matt and Nicky Korzak, Samira Lashari, Denise Dibinsky, Leanne Maxwell, Bob Harris and Antonio Clemente as the seven employees and friends who hope to one day win the jackpot. Among the group of workers are two brothers, one a family man and the other an ex-con, growing romantic relationships and past hidden secrets looking to come out.

“Lucky 7” is based on the British television drama series and was written by David Zabel and Jason Richman.

The show is also executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Zabel and Richman.




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