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I am truly offended and concerned by candidate for NYC Council Lew Simon’s lack of good character and judgment during this election season and his race against incumbent Councilmember Eric Ulrich.

Simon seems to be taking the negative road to conduct his race against Ulrich. Perhaps Simon should take a look in the mirror when looking for divisiveness. He is claiming that, due to his health issues, he is unable to debate Ulrich. We, as voters in the district, were looking forward to the debate that was to be held this month. Is it true that Simon is not well enough to debate or is this health issue nothing but a rabbit hole for him to hide in because he is not up for the job!?

I did a little research and the NYC Campaign Finance Board requires candidates receiving funding to participate in a PUBLIC DEBATE in order to be eligible for matching funds. Does Simon think that sending NYS Senator Joe Addabbo to be his surrogate, as he did at the Ozone Park Civic Candidate’s Forum, will suffice when making that requirement? Take heed voters who are undecided, the last thing we need is another politician that is ALREADY a wheeler dealer who knows a loophole when he sees one.
We deserve a public debate; it is our right, as voters, to make an informed decision when casting our ballot. I cannot cast my vote for someone whose voice I have not heard.

Ulrich has been SEEN AND HEARD at all the civic meetings, candidates’ forums, community events, precinct councils, community board meetings, school events, etc. He is not afraid to answer the hard questions and bring about real solutions.

As a Democratic voter in this community, I have to say that Simon, by means of your absence, YOU made up my mind as to what I am going to do on Election Day. It is my opinion that Ulrich has conducted himself in a way that, I believe, a public servant should, so . . . if it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it!

Joan Ujazdowski
Howard Beach


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