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How to look stylish while spending less cash.

With each new season comes the familiar urge to shop and stock up on the latest fashion trends. Whether you’re dreaming of the looks heading down the runway or shopping at your local thrift store for fabulous finds, it can be hard to get everything you want without breaking the bank.

So, how do you keep up with the latest fashion trends on a budget? The fashion experts at Hanes offer some affordable tips and tricks:

Start with the basics – Select a few staple pieces that coordinate well together and can be mixed and matched with other items in your closet. Think black and grey pencil skirts paired with white, grey and black tops. These timeless and traditional basics can be mixed and matched with pants, cardigans, sweaters and accessories in a variety of colors and provide the perfect canvas to build an outfit.

A little legwear can go a long way – For an elegant finish to your look, add stylish legwear. Perfect for year-round wear, legwear worn with a dress, skirt or even shorts can really elevate your look. Pair them with chic, high-heeled boots or pumps to be ultra on-trend this season. If you plan on sporting the chunky, lug-soled shoes or boots appearing on the runways, go for opaque tights which provide heavier coverage.

Classics are always on-trend – Love every look that goes down the catwalk but don’t know where to start? Choose an inexpensive trend or two each season to add a little flair to your existing look and over time your wardrobe will build as the seasons change. This year, everyone is wearing bold, monochromatic colors, like cobalt blue and glamorous gold.

Always accessorize – The ultimate accessory worth a little splurge is always the handbag. Filled with your daily must-haves and part of your everyday routines, handbags are one area of your wardrobe that may just be the most splurge-worthy but make sure to invest in something that is designed to last. The latest look in handbags are structured bags with an old Hollywood feel inspired by the looks of the silver screen. Shiny metal chains, clasps and handles are also all the rage but just make sure to select a color that complements your everyday wardrobe.

The key to building a great wardrobe is keeping it updated with a few affordable trendsetting pieces each season. But before you go shopping, sort through your clothes to determine what still works and what should be given away to charity or sold at your favorite consignment store. After all, any money earned on things you no longer need can be reinvested in new fashions to keep you looking and feeling your best.




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