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Credit card skimming cases have intensified in Corona and East Elmhurst in the past year, according to Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland.

Citing information she received from the 115th Precinct, Ferreras-Copeland said the area suffered 16 skimming cases last year over the last 10 weeks, and this year the number of cases increased to 63 in the same period.

“Corona, East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights are working-class communities, and we will not be acquiescent to these thieves who intend to steal our hard earned money from right under our noses,” Ferreras-Copeland said. “I will be working with the 115th Precinct to ensure every resident is empowered to detect and avoid credit card skimming devices, and any individual found installing or benefiting from this illegal activity will be arrested.”

Residents of Corona, East Elmhurst and Jackson Heights are encouraged to pay extra attention when using ATMs especially while using the keypad. In addition, residents should check the card readers on the ATMs to ensure nothing is loose, as loose devices may be indicative that a skimmer was attached to the machine.

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