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law and order_lzn
law and order_lzn

A Whitestone intersection became a crime scene Monday for the classic television drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which filmed in the area.

Whitestone residents who witnessed the filming at the corner of 14th Road and Clintonville Street said in the Facebook group of the civic group We Love Whitestone that the episodes filmed in a quaint Queens neighborhood will air on May 18 and 25.

Robert Picarello posted pictures featuring “bloody” Peter Gallagher, who plays Deputy Chief William Dodds, on the show. According to the website On Location Vacations, Mariska Hargitay who plays Olivia Benson, was also on the set.

While some residents were excited to see the Law & Order crew in the neighborhood, explaining that the producers have used the neighborhood for years now, others complained about the lack of parking spaces caused by filming.

The episode scheduled to run on May 25 marks the finale of 17th season, so we surely are up for a television treat, especially with Whitestone as a backdrop.

Photo courtesy of Robert Picarello

Photo courtesy of Robert Picarello




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