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Photo courtesy of Cinemart Cinemas
Photo courtesy of Cinemart Cinemas

A grandpa among New York movie theaters, the beautiful historic Cinemart Cinemas in Forest Hills, is getting an exciting improvement.

The almost 90-year-old movie theater located at 106-03 Metropolitan Ave. announced on their Facebook page that they will be installing “VIP luxury seating better than the ones [where] you pay $20 per ticket.” In order to do so, the movie theater will be closed for a month starting on April 25.

A Cinemart Cinemas representative confirmed that all of the movie theater seats will be replaced. “We started in rooms 3, 4 and 5, and will move onto 1 and 2 soon,” the representative told QNS.

Luckily, despite the new seats, the unbeatable price of a movie ticket will remain the same, confirmed the Cinemart Cinemas rep. The movie theater currently sells a movie ticket for the mere $9 ticket ($6 for children and seniors) and the price includes a free popcorn.

With Eddie’s Sweet Shop right on the corner, the Forest Hills cinema has been a treat gentle on the wallet for years and a popular destination for dating couples and families alike. As of May 25, we’re expecting to enjoy it even more while relaxing in the new seats.

Photo: QNS/Katarina Hybenova

Movie theater today. (Photo: QNS/Katarina Hybenova)


cinemart forest hills_khybenova-3

By the concession stand (Photo: QNS/Katarina Hybenova)


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