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QNS/Photo by Brianna Ellis
QNS/Photo by Brianna Ellis
A Whitestone couple honors the Orlando victims by displaying rainbow flags on their front lawn.

One compassionate Whitestone family has placed a sea of rainbow flags on their lawn in memory of the 49 victims murdered at an Orlando nightclub earlier this month in the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

Whitestone residents Louis and Leah Todisco decided to honor the victims in an extremely heart-warming, innovative way. They are using their front lawn as a memorial, sprinkling the grass with the colorful array of flags that symbolize the fallen victims; the display is also lit up at night.

“I just had a thought about it and tried to show support,” Louis Todisco told QNS. “It’s just shocking that these people were targeted and killed for their sexual preference and they’re Americans on American soil. In 2016, no person should be persecuted for their race, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.”

Leah Todisco explained that fellow Whitestone residents are constantly showing support and gratitude, often stopping by the memorial to take pictures; some of these images have been shared on local Facebook pages.

“I didn’t even know he ordered all these [rainbow flags] and then he lined them up. He’s very creative, inspired and he’s a great man. He has a big heart,” Leah gushed about her husband’s unique decision to commemorate the victims. “Everybody was saying, ‘Thank you, thank you, great idea.’ People were walking by like, ‘Oh my God, thank you. It’s beautiful.'”

Louis Todisco said that the memorial will be on display for the next few weeks near 166th Street and 20th Avenue.


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