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Photo: Robert Stridiron
Photo: Robert Stridiron

New York City may seem like a jungle, but no one should be running into an exotic snake at their place of work.

That is exactly what happened to workers at a Woodside’s Xd Xiao Dong Trading Corp warehouse, located at 51-26 59th St.

“The snake was black, about 1.5 meters [about 5 feet],” employee Tony Lin told DNAinfo. “It was scary. When I saw him, he was in the office. He was moving in the corner near the wall.”

Police received an emergency call about the snake at approximately 9:50 a.m. According to the NYPD, it is unknown where the corn snake originated from, but it was likely an escaped pet.

The NYPD Emergency Service Unit responded to the scene and safely removed the animal into a “bag, container-type setup,” law enforcement sources said. Officers then transported the snake to Manhattan Animal Care Center at 326 East 110th St.

Corn snakes are large, powerful, and non-venomous constrictors, according to Fohn website. They are harmless to humans, feed on rodents and other small prey, and thanks to their attractive pattern, they are popular pets. However, under New York state law, they’re deemed wild animals and it is illegal to keep them as pets.

QNS has reached out to Animal Care Centers of New York and is awaiting a response.

Photo: Robert Stridiron

Photo: Robert Stridiron


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David June 28, 2016 / 05:57PM
I saw two BIG corn snakes in the park the other day; I think there's a resurgence in the snake population and that's good! Anything to deal with the rats.

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