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Photo: Jim Henderson/Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Jim Henderson/Wikimedia Commons
The steel pedestrian bridge over the tracks at the Little Neck LIRR station will be torn down tonight.

If your car is parked at the Little Neck Long Island Rail Road station’s parking lot today, you might want to leave work early to move it.

The entire parking lot will close this afternoon as crews prepare to begin demolition of the pedestrian bridge at the station. All vehicles must be removed from the lot by 6 p.m. Friday; any vehicles left in the lot will be towed away at the owner’s expense.

Crews will work through the night and into Saturday afternoon to tear down the 54-foot steel truss overpass bridge linking the Little Neck station’s eastbound and westbound platforms. The bridge, which was installed in 1989, will be replaced by a prefabricated span that will be installed in or about late October.

Until the bridge is replaced, customers only be able to access the platforms from the parking lots on either side of the tracks near the railroad crossing at Little Neck Parkway.

Residents living near the station, located off the corner of Little Neck Parkway and 39th Road, can expect to be inconvenienced by temporary lights and noise used while demolition work takes place. Commuters may experience delays while work progresses.

For more information, call 511 and say “LIRR.”


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Pedro Valdez Rivera Jr. September 17, 2016 / 11:04AM
With a major increase in overall LIRR ridership, no wonder the MTA is adding major safety improvements for riders.

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