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Photo: Screenshot via YouTube. Insets: Wikipedia
Photo: Screenshot via YouTube. Insets: Wikipedia
Justin Timberlake and Kate Winslet were spotted in Richmond Hill filming an upcoming Woody Allen project.

If you’ve been hanging around Richmond Hill lately and thought you stepped back in time, think again.

Woody Allen was spotted in the neighborhood this week filming an upcoming production, and he brought with him two of Hollywood’s biggest stars: Justin Timberlake and Kate Winslet.

Allen and his production team were seen filming on Lefferts Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue. The street was lined with classic cars and buildings were transformed with old storefront facades, one of which said “Undertaker” on it.


Not much is known about Allen’s new film. According to SILive, who reported on Woody Allen filming the same production in Staten Island earlier this week, crew members have said that the production doesn’t even have a name yet.

However, we do know that Timberlake and Winslet were seen on set in Richmond Hill decked out in vintage costumes.

A Bronx native, Woody Allen’s career spans over six decades. Some of his most notable work includes “Annie Hall” (1977), “Hannah and Her Sisters” (1986) and “Match Point” (2005).

Richmond Hill is no stranger to being a film set. In the past, Richmond Hill has been used as a set to film classic movies and television shows such as “GoodFellas,” HBO’s “The Night Of” and “Men in Black III.”

Take a behind the scenes look at the production filming in Richmond Hill here:

Video: YouTube/Mr Woodhaven


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