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Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Photo via Wikimedia Commons
The World's Fair Marina

Whitestone residents continue to be disturbed at night by a loud pulsing noise emanating from The World’s Fair Marina on Flushing Bay.

Detective Kevin O’Donnell from the 109th Precinct‘s Community Affairs Unit advised residents at Wednesday’s We Love Whitestone civic meeting on how to most effectively file their noise complaints.


During last month’s meeting, the precinct’s commander, Deputy Inspector Judith Harrison, informed attendees that the noise was coming from the parking lot of the World’s Fair Marina: a public park on Flushing Bay where individuals are known to congregate and throw loud parties. Harrison explained that the marina falls within the confines of the 110th Precinct; however, she said that she has been working with her counterpart in the 110th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Christopher Manson, to try and address the issue.

“It’s a 110 [precinct] issue,” said Alfredo Centola, civic president. “The only thing they can do is report it to the 110th and say: ‘Guys, this is what’s going on again.'”

Instead of calling the 109th Precinct about the matter, O’Donnell encouraged residents at the October meeting to log their complaints with 311.

“There’s a computer that sits right at the front entrance [of the precinct],” O’Donnell said. “Every time you call 311 — whatever precinct — it rings, and it tell us that we have a new problem.”

For organization purposes, O’Donnell told residents to enter 125-00 Northern Boulevard — the exact address of the World’s Fair Marina — in the complaint. After filing the complaint through 311, the caller or sender will receive a service request number, which will enable him or her to check in on the status of their complaint and the exact response it received by the NYPD.

“If we go there and write a ticket, then we gotta put that into the computer, saying we issued a summons on this date,” O’Donnell continued. “If you call, they’ll tell you what the police did, or what we didn’t do. When you call the precinct, all we’re doing is taking a name, putting it in the book, and then we’re calling the 110th and telling them the problem. We’d rather you call 311.”

Reports with NYC 311 can be filed by calling 311, visiting their website or through their app.


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