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Photos by Suzanne Monteverdi/QNS
Photos by Suzanne Monteverdi/QNS
Voters casting their ballots in P.S. 130 in Bayside.

Bayside residents continued to make sure their voices were heard before polling places reached closing time this Election Day.

As of 6 p.m., 543 live voters — meaning voters who scanned their ballots electronically rather than filled out paper affidavit ballots — cast their ballots at polling place P.S. 130, according to a poll worker. He also reported that residents were lined up outside of the polling place to vote as early as 5:50 — 10 minutes before the polls officially opened.


Life-long Bayside resident Alexandra Smith described the atmosphere inside of the polling place as “calm, not very hectic.”

“This election I’ve been more undecided compared to other elections,” Smith said when asked for her thoughts about this year’s presidential election. “I usually know who I want to vote for if I agree with what their policies are. But this one had me more confused because they didn’t really talk about the issues; they were too busy trash talking each other.”

Though she did not wish to disclose which presidential candidate she voted for, Smith said she was able to come to a decision about who to vote for a couple of months ago.

Bayside residents Maria Meraz and Dimitri Komninos also spoke about the atmosphere of this year’s election.

“It’s been very aggressive; very nasty,” Meraz said.

“On both sides,” Komninos added, which Meraz agreed with.

“I think overall, people are pretty much tired and over with it now. You know, they just want it to be done, ” Meraz continued.

Both Meraz and Komninos said they made their decisions “early on” in the presidential race. Komninos did not wish to disclose who he voted for, but Meraz said she cast her vote for Hillary Clinton.

“I believe she’s the more prepared person; the more prepared individual. I think she’s better qualified overall,” Meraz said. “I didn’t agree with a lot of the policies that Trump was going for.”

Both residents will watch voter returns tonight from home.

Polling places will remain open today until 9 p.m. Individuals will be able to vote as long as they are in line at their polling place by 9 p.m.




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