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Creativity creates creativity.

Queens Museum will facilitate “Dancing the Art” on Saturday, Feb. 4, at noon.

Lauren Hale Biniaris, a dancer, and Ben Kutner, a violinist and pianist, will offer their reactions to “Mierle Laderman Ukeles: Maintenance Art,” which is currently on exhibit. The artists will improvise their movement and music as they contemplate select pieces. The one-hour show will include an introductory talk and a post-performance discussion.

Biniaris, who lives in Astoria, is a performer, poet, writer, and yoga instructor. In addition to playing instruments, Kutner is the founder of the Brooklyn-based New Parnassus Ensemble. A composer, librettist, and music director, he works across such genres as opera, ballet, modern dance, film, theater, chamber, and symphonic music.

On display until Feb. 19, 2017, “Maintenance Art” explores public sanitation, labor, the role of women in society, and work culture through color imaging, conversations, interviews, performances, sculptures, and the written word.

There is a related event on the following day, Feb. 5, at 2 p.m. “Birthing Tikkun Olam: Your Idea to Repair the World” will be a performative interchange with Ukeles. Inspired by the Jewish concept of Tikkun (to heal or transform), participants will exchange signed covenants with ideas on how to improve the world for double-sided mirrors from one of the installations.

Top image: Yi-Chun Wu; gallery images: Lauren Hale Dance


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