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Photos courtesy of the Department of Transportation (DOT)
Photos courtesy of the Department of Transportation (DOT)
Oceania Street, in the vicinity of M.S. 74.

One of Bayside‘s most important thoroughfares will soon undergo a complete makeover.

Community Board 11 (CB11) unanimously voted in favor of the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) proposal to make major safety improvements to Oceania Street and 210th Street — which merge at 67th Avenue — between the Horace Harding Expressway and 73rd Avenue.

The active venue runs along the perimeter of Cunningham Park and is used heavily by parents and students trying to access M.S. 74 and cyclists trying to approach nearby parks and bike networks.

According to data collected by DOT, there have been three fatalities at the intersection of Oceania Street and 210th Street in the last seven years. In an effort to improve safety at the merge of Oceania Street and 210 Street, the DOT will convert 210th Street to a one-way northbound to eliminate the merge at Oceania Street. The DOT will also shorten the pedestrian crossing distance and more clearly define each moving lane.

The proposal also includes plans to implement “Leading Pedestrian Intervals,” where signals that show a walk sign for pedestrians before showing a green light to car traffic are installed. This gives pedestrians the chance to establish their right of way and begin crossing before cars make turns across the crosswalk at certain points along the venue.

To combat the existing issues of illegal U-turn activity, double parking and speeding in front of the school, and to accommodate cyclists, the DOT will also narrow the travel and parking lanes and install a two-way protected bike path on the west side, adjacent to Cunningham Park.

“There will be a lot less moving traffic and a lot more control,” said Bernard Haber, who is part of the community board’s transportation committee.

The proposal will also convert an additional 18 spots to “No Standing School Days, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m” along Oceania Street by M.S. 74, which will increase space for drop-off and pick-up along the active venue, and will remove 19 full-time spots to increase visibility and accommodate turning vehicles.

CB11 District Manager Susan Seinfeld said the DOT will proceed with the plans and hopes to install the proposal by this August.

To view the DOT’s full proposal, click here.

Scope of the DOT's proposed work

Scope of the DOT’s proposed work


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