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Photos provided by St. Agnes Academic High School
Photos provided by St. Agnes Academic High School
A scene from the school's production of "The Wizard of Oz."

A College Point all-girls high school went to Kansas, Oz and back in their recent production of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Erika Conlon and Teresa LoCascio, who moderate the school’s Theater Club, said the musical performance on April 1 and 2 went off without a hitch. It was the school’s first major production since 1995.

“They are so proud,” LoCascio said. “Especially because they’ve never seen anything of this caliber done at this school. They’re so proud to be the first in a while.”

Amy Ford, Vivian Murdock, Kristen Maddalena, Gilda McCann, Jenna Giamarino and Ashely Eivers took the stage as beloved characters from the Emerald City. All of the students involved in the musical rehearsed two to three time a week, even coming in before school and on Saturdays for hours at a time.

“This group of girls was constantly doing something to work on the production,” LoCascio said. “It was a constant effort.”

The talented group — consisting of 47 students from grades 10 through 12 — also shared their performance with the community. The group put on the production for the children at Saint Luke’s and Saint Andrew Avelino, both local elementary schools. They also recently performed at a College Point senior center.

“We had little fourth graders asking for autographs,” Conlon said. “Seniors complimented the girls on their costumes and singing.”

According to Conlon and LoCascio, the experience has inspired many of the students to pursue careers in acting and production. Seniors are now considering Theater minors and juniors are now looking into colleges that offer drama classes or programs.

The production also allowed students with a variety of interests to get involved and strengthen their skills, the moderators explained. Kimberly Solimo, a senior student who is going on to culinary school post-graduation, was tasked with managing the entire concession stand, using her skills to cook and bake, then price and sell at the stand. Students also worked behind the scenes on costumes, set design and make-up.

“I think overall, you can say this school allows their students to show their talents in so many different ways,” Conlon said. “This is obviously in the arts, but so many different talents went into making this event happen.”

“We saw friendships made,” LoCascio said. “Girls from different grades cheering each other on; working with each other. It was truly wonderful.”

St. Agnes Academic High School is located at 13-20 124th St. To learn more about the school, visit their website.

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