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Photo: Facebook/Tangra Asian Fusion
Photo: Facebook/Tangra Asian Fusion
Try a variety of Indian-Chinese cuisine while celebrating QDC's first birthday at Tangra Asian Fusion in Sunnyside

Grab your forks! Queens Dinner Club (QDC) will be celebrating one year of experiencing the global cuisines of Queens with a can’t-miss feast on April 25.

To celebrate their first birthday, QDC will be returning to Tangra Asian Fusion, a Sunnyside restaurant that specializes in fusing Indian and Chinese cuisine.

“I am excited to be heading back to our very first Queens Dinner Club restaurant, Tangra Asian Fusion, for our first anniversary dinner,” said QDC co-founder and Queens-based food writer Chef Jonathan Forgash. “For me, Tangra was a perfect first choice. I’ve been addicted to Tangra for a long while now. The unique combinations of flavors and spices keep bringing me back.”

Tangra Asian Fusion will be hosting a family-style feast for QDC starting at 7:30 p.m. on April 25. The menu will start off with your choice of Lollypop Chicken, Tangra Fish Fingers, Pan-fried Chicken Momo or Thai Shrimp Soup as an appetizer. Diners will then get to choose from Tangra Masala Beef, Chilli String Beans, Tangra Masala Tiger Prawn, Chilli Chicken, Salt & Pepper Okra or Tangra Masala Vegetable Noodles for their entree before finishing off the evening with either ice cream or Ras Malai.

“Chef Peter Lo is the godfather of Indian-Chinese cuisine in New York City,” Forgash said of the Calcutta-born chef of Tangra Asian Fusion. “And Indian-Chinese is a cuisine that gives fusion a good name. Peter is a passionate man dedicated to sharing his Hakka [China/India] cuisine with the world. Tangra Masala truly represents the global communities of Queens.”

Tickets are available for $45. Click here to buy your ticket today.


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