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Photo via Google Maps
Photo via Google Maps

After some discussion, a large College Point gym was given community board approval to continue its operations.

Push Fitness Club, located at 132-15 14th Ave. within the Whitepoint Shopping Center, asked Community Board 7 for a special permit to operate as a physical culture establishment; it previously operated as dance studio and gym, making it subject to different regulations.

After board members expressed concerns about accessibility for the disabled, board member Bill Salim made a motion to approve the permit with stipulations ensuring that the disabled population would indeed be accommodated at the business. The board approved the plans provided the owner agreed to provide reasonable accommodations in compliance with ADA regulations.

They also asked that canopies, doorbuzzers and cameras be installed outside of all entrances to alert employees that a disabled person wished to enter the business and could provide appropriate assistance.

The over 13,000-square-foot gym, which operates on the first floor, basement and mezzanine of the shopping center, has about 4,000 paid members and charges $40 a month. Since the owner did not change the use of the building or make alterations that exceeded 50 percent of the value of the building, site architect Gerald Caliendo explained, the owner is allowed to provide “what is physically able to be provided,” or what is known as “reasonable accommodations,” for its disabled patrons.

The architect also said the owner would also look into installing a chair lift along the stairs at the location.

According to Salim, the Board of Standards and Appeals, who has the final say, considers if the business is providing accommodations for disabled individuals when reviewing the case for the permit, but looks to the Department of Buildings to monitor that these needs are being met on a continued basis.

“We’re putting the BSA on alert and saying ‘Hey look, we have concerns about this,'” board member Chuck Apelian said. “We thought this was the best way to proceed … The gym’s been there for a number of years.”

During the motion to approve, 29 board members voted in favor while nine voted against. The case must still go before the BSA, who will make the final decision.


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FlipoutNYC April 26, 2017 / 05:18PM
ADA compliance doesnt necessary mean we have to build ramps , or elevator in every buildings to satisfy the law that human creates even though no one will use it or some day it will be used. The disabled person should request to have accessible ramp or elevator installed based on his or her need. It is useless to build it where there is no need and it is waste of money.

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