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Photo via Google Maps
Photo via Google Maps

Community stakeholders are taking action to prevent Whitestone and College Point residents from suffering through another summer of late-night noise pollution attributed to “booze cruises.”

Councilman Paul Vallone recently held a meeting with the 109th Precinct, NYPD Harbor Patrol, party boat owners from Skyline Cruises and Marco Polo Cruises and the NYC Parks Department, which owns the World’s Fair Marina, to come up with a multi-step plan of action.

Loud music and booming bass traveling across the water from the marina to northern Queens has disturbed the community for years. Last September, Whitestone residents spoke out at a civic meeting, stating the problem had gotten worse. The following month, Community Affairs officers visited the civic meeting to inform residents about the best way to report the noise.

Vallone and the 109th Precinct have begun recruiting and training residents to become “boat watchers,” volunteers who report noise coming from specific boats using digital resources. Harbor Patrol will be informing boat owners at the beginning of the season that they will be monitoring noise on or around the docks throughout the season.

Party boat owners have also proactively moved their speakers to the inside of the cabin and will be attending local civic meetings to hear concerns from the community, according to Vallone’s office. Sound checks will also be performed to determine what level music should be set at while out on the water so it will not disturb the surrounding community.

According to Vallone, party boat owners were “very cooperative and eager to resolve these issues.”

The group of stakeholders will meet again before Memorial Day to go over the plan of action and expectations.

“The days of Whitestone and College Point being plagued by incessant music and pounding bass are coming to an end,” Vallone said. “We have worked hand in hand with all parties to develop this plan which will go a long way towards providing our neighborhoods with the peace and quiet they deserve. Continuing to work together will be critical in ensuring that this noise pollution does not reemerge.”


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IFrag June 25, 2017 / 08:23AM
Mr Vallone verbalized to his Constituents that the music blasting from the World’s Fair Marina would be addressed. However the music has not subsided, As of 6/24/17.

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