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Photos by Anthony Giudice/QNS
Photos by Anthony Giudice/QNS
Dorawa, a new Korean restaurant on Bell Boulevard, fuses Korean and American culture.

The cultural smorgasbord of restaurants on Bell Boulevard in Bayside will soon add another national cuisine to its list of delicious eateries, as Dorawa plans to serve up traditional Korean foods in a modern setting.

The new restaurant is steeped in Korean tradition, right from its name and logo. The word “dorawa” means “come back” in Korean, explained Brandon Kim, general manager of Dorawa. The flower logo is the Hibiscus syriacus plant, better known as the Korean Rose, and is the national flower of South Korea.

Even the food will be traditional Korean fare such as kimchi dishes, Korean barbecue, bulgogi, and much more, but each dish comes with “crossover appeal” for American foodies, Kim said.

“There is no Korean food on this block. That’s why we wanted to open here,” he added. “We want to communicate with Americans. We want to be a more modern, fancier place. We chose foods that Americans will like. It looks like Korean fusion, but it is all traditional foods.”

The food isn’t the only way Dorawa mixes traditional Korean style with a more modern flair.

The style and décor of Dorawa have a much more modern look, with beautiful graffiti are scrawled across the walls, with the Korean Rose hidden throughout the work. Three artists, including Aaron De La Cruz, helped decorate the interior of the restaurant and the basement.

In an homage to the way Koreans traditionally eat their food, Kim said that the small, reflective tables were imported directly from Korea, giving customers the sense of closeness that is common in Korean restaurants, but provides diners with their own space.

“We wanted to keep the traditional Korean theme,” Kim said about the tables. “We want to be a bridge between Korean and American styles.”

Dorawa is also outfitted with a bar area where customers can enjoy Korean beer and wine, sake, and eight taps that will also serve American and craft beers. There is also a projector screen where the restaurant will show Korean Pop (K-Pop) music videos to further enhance their desire to bridge Korean and American culture.

Kim says Dorawa, located at 38-42 Bell Blvd., will open within the next few weeks as he and his partners are putting the final touches on the restaurant. To get a preview of their menu, visit


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