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Despite Starr Report, Many At Former Future Diner Support Prez

With the Starr Report in full public view and most Americans aware of its findings, The Queens Courier went to Kafenio and Grill in Fresh Meadows, formerly called the Future Diner, where President Bill Clinton has twice visited in recent years, and found that the mood was of support for the leader in crisis.
"He’s a good President, he should be elected to a third term," said Socrates Fokas the manager of the newly named restaurant who was on hand both times Clinton stopped by.
"He’s the best we’ve had so far, the economy is remarkable—what he does with his private life should be of no concern to the public. Starr should stop spending the tax-payers money." added Fokas.
According to Fran Orlando, a waitress at the restaurant who has also been at the establishment long enough to remember the Clinton visits "Monica and her mother are glory seeking, she should be honored to be with the President but not a thing he did was impeachable."
The outspoken waitress expressed her disdain with the investigation into the president as being contradictory based on the opinion that "all Republicans are closet perverts anyway."
Desi, another Kafenio waitress who was on hand for Clinton’s visits said "we should just leave him alone. Starr should mind his own business. It’s all bulls–t."
Restaurant staff were not the only ones willing to voice their points of view on the special prosecutor’s findings and one customer, who only described herself as a Queens resident named Marilyn made that clear.
"There’s too much media involved in this," said Marilyn who added "I think Starr has a vendetta and Bill Clinton should be allowed to serve out his term."
Krishna Vengetachallian, an employee of the cafe who also witnessed the Clinton visits, expressed his support for the President by stating "there’s not enough time for impeachment. You have to weigh out the scales; we can’t take away the six years put in besides, with all the problems in the world, the country doesn’t need a change like this."
The supportive tone was admonished by only a few like diner patron and Fresh Meadows resident Helen who felt the President "should go back to Little Rock. He should have not disrespected the White House and most definitely should not be in charge of the armed forces."
President Clinton visited the Kafenio & Grill in 1992 as presidential candidate and to hold a televised health forum in 1993 after his election. Both times he ordered the turkey club according to Diner waiter Hernando Cormona who was in attendance during the Clinton visits.

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