Basic Safety Tips For Hi-Risers

• Know the layout of your floor and building.
• Know the location and the direction of all stairwells.
• Know the number of doorways between your apartment and the door to the stairwell in both directions.
• Keep all aisles of egress, both in the apartment and in the public halls free of rubbish, furniture, bicycles and other items. Report any or all conditions of such to the building manager or superintendent.
• Ensure that your apartment door operates freely and that it opens and closes properly without undue force.
• In a multiple dwelling it is the responsibility of the building manager to provide a smoke detector in each apartment. However it is the tenant’s responsibility to check and change the batteries.
• Get everyone out of the apartment.
• Do not open windows if you are able to evacuate through the door.
• If you are able to evacuate your apartment, make sure to close the door behind you.
• Alert others on your floor as you exit.
• Do not use the elevators to exit. The golden rule is never use an elevator during a fire or suspected fire under any circumstance. Exit by using the stairwell closest to your apartment.
• In all cases, if you reach a lower floor, the lobby or the street, immediately notify the New York City Fire Dept. by dialing 911 or by activating a fire alarm box.
• Remain in your apartment.
• Remain calm, call 911, give your name, address, apartment number and which side of the building your apartment faces.
• Always convey pertinent information — such as loss of electric power or medical conditions of tenants that might require special attention during evacuation.
• Keep your apartment door closed and cover the bottom of the apartment door with wet blankets or towels.
• Be prepared, however, to open the door to allow firefighters or neighbors in — should they need refuge if the interior hallway becomes untenable due to fire or smoke conditions.
• Turn off air conditioners and close windows, if they are allowing smoke to enter your apartment from the outside.
• In all cases when smoke is entering your apartment and you are unable to escape, seek refuge in the room farthest away from the point of smoke entry. If possible, take a cordless or cellular phone with you into the room and notify 911 that you are trapped.
New Yorkers living in high-rise apartments who have questions regarding how fireproof their building is should contact their building owner or superintendent.

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