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Controversy Still Looms For New Proposed Generators Site

The proposal seemed like a win/win situation for the Long Island City community and the New York Power Authority, where the new site would allow for the continued restructuring of the areas waterfront, for the building of a new Silvercup studio facility which studio executives say will offer 3,000 new jobs, and will provide needed energy to New York City.
"Everyone is happy in this situation," said Senator Charles Schumer, who addressed the media along with Shulman and "Sopranos" star James Gandolfini at Silvercup Studios Tuesday morning. "New York City needs the generators put in and if we dont act quickly, we will have a power crisis similar to that of California. But the NYPA must understand that we need to do this in a community-friendly way."
Schumer and Shulman called for the NYPA to accept the most recent proposals as soon as possible in order to get the generators up and running by June 1, a date the city says is crucial for the the metro areas energy needs.
Long Island City businesses and community leaders were outraged almost two months ago when the NYPA announced it was locating a plant in the area where plans were made for the construction of 6,000 homes, two million square feet of office space and 21 acres of waterfront promenade. The building of the generators along the waterfront was also met with opposition by Silvercup Studios executives who said the generators, which would have been built right next to the studio building, would cause noise problems and stifle movie production. The studios threatened to move its operations to New Jersey, causing the community to fear that over 2,000 people might lose their jobs. But Silvercup officials insist that they have every intention to remain in Queens and has plans to build a new production facility in the same area.
"I want to work in New York, not in New Jersey" said Gandolfini, who took time out of filming the next season of "The Sopranos" to address the press. This city direly needs studio space, it would be detrimental to Long Island City to see Silvercup go."
Shulman said she has been supporting the expansion of the studios and the development of the waterfront from beginning.
"New York City has a $6.3 billion movie studio industry," said Shulman. "We need to make sure the waterfront is clear for development and that Silvercup Studios continue to flourish in the area. We need the support of the community and

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