The Vigils Continue Boroughwide

Vigils and memorials continued throughout the week all over Queens, with people uniting to show their continued support for the Citys Bravest, Finest, and Emergency Services uniformed workers. In Whitestone, war veterans and residents gathered Sat., Sept. 22, at the corner of 149 St. and 16 Ave. to honor and pray for those who perished in the World Trade Center attack. The turnout was in the hundreds, which proved that even after two full weeks, the emotions of Queens residents are still raw over the recent disaster.
After a long prayer vigil, the crowd slowly drifted to the nearby fire station housing Engine 295/Ladder 144 company, where the memorial continued with candles, flowers and American flags at the wall of the firehouse.
The Bayside Ambulance Corps sent one of their ambulances to ground zero. They set up a memorial to City EMS workers lost in the disaster.

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